In my latest podcast episode in the Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast, I answered some of your top and ~burning~ (I had to) questions about burnout. If you’re interested in the full answers to these questions, I would recommend listening to the episode!

I will give a super brief main bullet point for each of these questions here.

But before we go into that, do you know how much burnout you are experiencing? You can take our free quiz here and find out.

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How to approach your employer about your own burnout

  • Start off by sharing common goals in a meeting you set up with your employer so they know you are on the same page as them and then go into sharing how you’re feeling and how it’s affecting their bottom line
  • Brainstorm some ideas with them on some options that can help you to reduce burnout and still meet your goals

How to weather a burnout situation you can't change

  • Make a list of things in and out of your control and circle the things in your control
  • Build resilience around the things you can’t change (but don’t tolerate abuse or mistreatment ever!)
  • What coping strategies can you implement for the things outside of your control?

How can you tell you're going to burnout before you take a job

  • Trust your gut- is something off that you felt during the interview?
  • Look for clues that lead to implicit norms that do not align with you
  • What is your own personal mission statement? Do the priorities between the organization and your goals align?

Things to ask/help create boundaries early on to prevent burnout

  • Understand that no one single activity can prevent burnout; focus on taking care of yourself and mitigating burnout as much as possible through things within your control
  • Accept the unavoidable suffering that comes with the job through building resilience
  • Focus on building up your habits, routines, and psychological resources


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