Work wellness is not a new concept, but it’s received a lot more attention lately. With toxic work environments, burnout, bullying, and other negative things that impact the health and well-being of employees, it’s a good thing that organizations are paying more attention to these critical issues.

We created a simple and ~free~ wellness starter kit for healthcare professionals to use at work.

The starter kit includes a few key items. First, there is a cheat sheet to assess if your needs are being met at work. These needs include basic, individual, teamwork, and growth needs. These questions can actually become the norm for your workplace in regards to how to make employees happy and promote optimal work wellness.


Next, there is a quick guide to handle stress at work in the moment. As a healthcare professional, I have faced so many stressors at work. Difficult situations with patients, a ton of documentation piling up, difficulties setting boundaries at work- the stressors can go on and on. I’ve had moments at work where I can’t breathe because the stress and overwhelm hit me hard. This page walks you through an exercise you can keep in your back pocket for you to use in the midst of a stressful moment at work.

The Going Home Checklist is an evidence-based list that will help you to psychologically detach from work before you go home. This is something you can do with your coworkers as a ‘challenge’ to make sure you can check off the items on the list!

Last, we share work wellness ideas that come at little-no cost. You can get creative with how you implement work wellness strategies. One of my favorite tips from that list include creating a green space for the team- exposure to some plants or a garden can be incredibly therapeutic.

I know what you’re thinking. “Who am I to bring these to my team? I’m just an employee.” Go ahead and take initiative to share this with your team!


Print out the pages (six pages total) and hang them somewhere in your office/desk/lounge wherever space where the team can see this list. It’s meant to be shared!

If you’re active on the socials, take a picture of the guide hanging in your office and tag us on Instagram


you can send us the pics at We’d be FLOORED to see our guides in the wild!

You can get your starter kit here.


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