Mondays, you’ve been on my not my favorite list for so many years. After a fun, relaxing (or whatever type of weekend you had), getting back to the routine can make some people have legit Sunday night anxiety. Well, today on this fabulous Monday, I’m here to share with you how you can turn Mondays into your new favorite thing!

Mondays Mean Money

Finding things that make you grateful about your work will help to take some weight off the Monday morning grind. Your job provides you the means to live and enjoy your life. Focus on what you can do today at work that will make your Monday awesome- your job allows you to pay your bills, feed your family, etc.  Sure, your job and work may not be happy- nothing is perfect- but it’s your effort and beliefs that count. The more things you find to be grateful about relating to your job, you’ll look forward to your work, which in turn might help Mondays suck less.

Mondays Are a Chance to Restart

I love planning my week- planning out my workouts and recipes. I look forward to doing the things that make me FEEL good. I look forward to doing things besides just work and watch TV during the week- what are some things you can add to make your week something you look forward to?

Don’t Just Live For The Weekends

The trap so many fall into. It is a cycle that always robs us of the joy we deserve to have each and every moment, despite what day of the week it is. Prep your mind to love and enjoy each day- it may take time, but having a limiting mindset and beliefs around the weekend/week is most likely not contributing to your happiness. Living for those 48 hours each week is a life of slavery- set yourself free of that. Don’t just wait until you’re done with school or get a new job to be happy- you’re putting off your happiness instead of enjoying the day now. Looking for ways you can improve everyday is more constructive and positive way to give each day newfound energy.

xx, Erika

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