Who We Are

Sink or swim? Not on our watch. Healthcare is an industry in crisis, and when burnout plagues the workplace, it impacts the vitality, effectiveness, and health of EVERYONE, including patients.

Most hospitals and medical organizations operate under the notion that burnout is the sole responsibility of the individual. We couldn’t disagree more.

 We know that burnout emerges from inefficiencies from the top that trickle down, and consequently impact those on the front lines. We believe that accountability and responsibility for strong leadership and advocacy falls on all team players, regardless of position. We care about empowering healthcare employees and managers to make much needed changes for the good of our industry.

If you’ve experienced burnout, you know it can take all shapes and sizes. It causes us to sink slowly and deeply, to the point of sheer exhaustion and even despair. We understand that burnout is a result of a dysfunctional work environment that negatively impairs individual and team performance.

We know how to help you and/or your team in a meaningful way that yields measurable outcomes, because we all want to learn to swim, not sink.

Our Values

We value integrity above all. We implement a holistic, client-centered, occupation-based approach towards burnout prevention. We consider how all  intrinsic and extrinsic factors come together to influence your performance, and it is reflected in all our courses and workshops  we have available.

We value giving back.  Although this brand is young, giving runs deep in our souls and we believe it’s never too early or late to make a positive impact in this world. Each quarter, we donate 3% of profits to humanitarian and environmental charities.

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