Brittney Carmichael is the founder of Shine School®, an online course to help women awaken their authentic self and SHINE from the inside. Brit is a trailblazing lightworker, psychic medium, hairstylist, empowerment coach for female entrepreneurs, plus she’s 99% unicorn! She is known for her spiritual truth-tellin’ style and her ability to make women beautiful – inside & out.

Here are takeaways from our conversation:


Brittney was working at a vegan salon ten years ago and became a confidant to her clients as they revealed to her their life problems and insecurities. She was listening to how women were talking to themselves and the stories they were telling, which led Brittney to ask her clients what they’re passionate about. In doing so, Brittney turned inward to ask that question of herself. As she began to ask herself “Who am I?” she realized she’s so much more than a hairdresser and country girl from Texas. She followed her passion to become a psychic medium and founder of the Shine School, where she empowers women to love themselves and break free of the limiting labels that holds them back from going after their dreams.

What lights Brittney up is tapping into the things that lit her up as a child. Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you have to become serious and lose touch with yourself. Brittney is what her husband describes as “Lisa Frank meets Coco Chanel.” Staying in touch with those things, whether it’s Lisa Frank or other nostalgic momentos or activities, can add joy and magic into your life.

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Brittney’s mother had a stroke in 2012 and was paralyzed from the stroke. Brittney was also 75 pounds overweight during the time. Although other things looked great on paper- a loving husband, her own business, things did not make sense. Brittney says joy is the new currency, because we have typically looked to money for happiness in our lives. Brittney has recognized although some things in her life were the things she always wanted, was she truly lit up and happy?

One of the things that helped Brittney cope with the pain of her mother having a stroke was letting things go and acceptance of what had happened, which helped her to release her suffering. This traumatic situation led her to ask ‘what’s next?’ which taught her how to create space in the moment and foster presence and awareness for this moment. At any time, she knew she could lose her mother, so she sought to find presence when she was with her.

Her mother embarked on the road to recovery and regain her mobility and speech. She went through aphasia, but then she slowly began to regain her speech. When her mother was more coherent, Brittney asked her; “Why did you do this to yourself?” to which her mother replied without hesitation: “Because everyone needed something from me.”

This answer sparked a huge change in Brittney which turned her life around. She began to seriously take care of herself and dedicated her life to listen to her intuition, even if it scared her.


During the episode, Brittney explains her near-death situation on a mountain in Colorado. Brittney, her husband, and her mother-in-law drove 17 straight hours from their home in Texas to Colorado without stopping. When they were almost at their final destination, they were delirious from the long road trip. The GPS told them to turn left on a road on a mountain, which Brittney realized isn’t a real road. She fought her inner voice as they kept going up this ‘road’ (which she later found out was a road for snowmobile, not cars) and ignored her inner GPS.

They drove for two hours at 5 MPH on a muddy trailer and through a river- at this point it was midnight and they were beyond exhausted and also very lost in the mountains. They reached a point on the trail that was so muddy, the car was sliding back. They decided to turn around, but were terrified because there were no rails, no roads, and they head back to where they came from. Brittney said the lesson she learned in that was life prepares you for situations so you can go back and be ready to face that situation if you have to.

They reached a point crossing the river again where they encountered danger. They had to get out of the car, into the river, and push boulders out of the way, but there came a moment where everyone felt something- Brittney laid her hand on the horn and her husband ran into the car. Brittney began to pray because she felt like they were going to die. 

Brittney credits her inner voice to saving her life. From that moment on, she leaned on her intuition. Listening to her internal GPS, she knows her strong intuition is a gift she can use to help light up the world.


Brittney shares that our intuition comes from the feelings we get from our bodies. The first thing to do is to get in touch with our own senses and your own body- literally feeling your body, doing a body scan meditation, and sending love to you body are powerful ways to begin. Be aware of how you talk to yourself too- focus on the thoughts coming through your head- are they negative thoughts about yourself? 

The next thing is trusting- we’re all intuitive, whether you realize it or not. If you step into a room and you sense a Negative Nancy, you feel it. We get little messages from our intuition, yet sometimes we ignore these nudges. We don’t take action on it. As our ego shouts, our intuition is loving, gentle, and guides you in a direction that feels good.

Sometimes our intuition is a little weird and challenges us to get us out of our comfort zone. If we’re afraid to take the action from our intuition, those ideas that landed on you will find someone else. Taking action will build your confidence, so keep listening to your inner voice.



Fear stops you from doing what you want to do and intuition guides you in the direction of your dreams. Legitimate dangerous situations are real- i.e., you’re hiking and you see a bear. Yet, fear in non-life threatening situations is usually us projecting into the future of things we don’t want to happen. It stops us in the present moment from taking action. Worrying doesn’t allow us to be creative. Whether you realize it or not, fear is a choice. Fears make things so big in your imagination and makes things so scary. Intuition puts forth a vision and is supportive and loving of the things your soul truly desires. 

Your fear can show up in many different ways- it can be fear from past experiences of people that have imposed their limiting beliefs on you- i.e., if a parent tells you you’re not smart enough to make into medical school. We can carry those fears with us unknowingly, and they can hold us back from showing up in this world in a way that honors our true selves and our light. 

The irrational fear of the unknown is something that we have to recreate into a new perspective in our minds of what fear really is, is it based on any factual evidence, and how we can lean into the things that may scare us, but lead us to our highest visions.


Brittney talks about using Tarot to tap into your intuition. Contrary to popular belief, Tarot reading is not worshiping the Devil. Tarot represents each aspect that we experience during our human journey. Brittney didn’t know where to start, but she just started. Seven years later, she asks herself what is her message today when she pulls a card. She got in the habit early on to sleep with a card that she pulled under her pillow. The cards have helped her to develop her intuition We spiritually progress and evolve as souls with Tarot- it gives you confirmation of the things you already know. It helps you to communicate and connect with your intuition. 

Brittney shares all her Tarot insider tips in her free masterclass! Britney resonates the most with Tarot as a healing modality. Whether it’s chanting, crystals, yoga, Tarot, etc. you can use any of those modalities to help you connect with your soul. Belief is powerful during this whole process. Believe it to see it- not the other way around. 

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