This is our first annual awards to recognize the incredible healthcare professionals making a difference in the healthcare community. Although we recognize there are many more that are profoundly impacting the industry, this award is our attempt to highlight some of the most noticeable professionals from several different disciplines.

The recipients of this award demonstrate what it means to be #ThrivingInHealthcare. This campaign signifies a person excelling in their work role, making a statement in their profession, and thriving in all areas of life.  #ThrivingInHealthcare doesn’t mean you are perfect – no one is. Rather, this campaign symbolizes dedication to growth and a determination to live your best life. We believe we all have a role to play to shape a better healthcare industry, and the way in which we start that is by giving ourselves the template to do so.

How are you #ThrivingInHealthcare? What lights you up about the work you do? How are you using your role to improve our industry? We want you to join in on the campaign. Share your story on social media using the hashtag and share your definition of what it means to thrive in healthcare.

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Physicians - Part 1

top 50 most influential healthcare professionals

Name and credentials:

Aaliya Yaqub, MD

Handle and/or Site:

IG: @clearskindoc

Dr. Aaliya stands boldly for helping healthcare tech startups thrive, being the best mother and wife she can be, and using her platform to spread love and radical honesty about the events that are happening in today’s world. We admire Dr. Aaliya’s tenacity and grit- her work ethic and dedication to her family inspire her community to go after their dream life and make it a reality. She stands for strong women in healthcare and embodies a giving nature to help others in need- all while doing so with elegance and style.

top 50 most influential healthcare professionals

Name and credentials:

Erica Wigdor, DO

Handle and/or Site:

IG: @doctordiaries

Erica shows through us what it’s like to have a beautiful life with a thriving career in medicine, self-care and home goals, and get the most out of life. Dr. Erica’s spirit and optimistic outlook on life remind us that we don’t have to set limits on the things we can have in life. She has inspired her community to stay committed to their passions, choose courage over fear, and strive for a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Erica also began a community to connect like-minded healthcare professionals together to support one another in South Florida- the not-so-secret South Florida Medical Babes.

top 50 most influential healthcare professionals

Name and credentials:
Jeff Toll, MD

Handle and/or Site:
IG: @jefftollmd

What doesn’t Jeff provide? Owner of Jeff Toll, MD, Internal Medicine Physician Jeff provides services that range from concierge medicine program to telemedicine in his Los-Angeles based practice. His passion for serving others is evidence through his work as well as online presence. An advocate for improving the general population’s health and flipping the ‘sick care’ mentality upside down, he works with vigor and dedication to provide excellent services to his patients and his thriving practice.

top 50 most influential healthcare professionals

Name and credentials:

Audrey Sue Cruz, MD

Handle and/or Site:
IG: @dr.audreyxsue

As an Internal Medicine Attending Physician, Dr. Audrey never experiences a dull moment. Not only does she deliver the real side and stressful situations that being a physician brings, but she also commits her online platform to being an advocate for other physicians through her campaigns #HealthcareHeroes. Co-founder of MedCon, Dr. Audrey strives to unite the healthcare community together and provide enriching experiences for all those involved.

Top 50 Jarrett-min

Name and credentials:

Jarrett Schanzer, DO, MS

Handle and/or Site:


What led you into healthcare?

I knew I wanted to be a doctor since I was a senior in high school. The idea of being able to help others and be part of something bigger than myself; to always have a job and be financially comfortable to support a family someday; as well as the challenge to do something that not everyone can do; and the comradery of working with others and being part of a team.

What’s been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in healthcare?

Nothing worthwhile in life will come easy. The path to becoming a physician was harder than I could have ever imagined; not just intellectually, but physically, mentally and emotionally too.

What gets you up everyday?

I poured out my heart and soul before the medical college admissions committees to give me a chance; to empower me with the medical knowledge and skills to help treat those who were sick and suffering. I sacrificed everything I had and gave up my life wholeheartedly to learn for over 10 years (and a lifetime). To not wake up everyday now and use this knowledge would be a waste of the gift.

How do you use your platform to help others?

Health, humor, inspiration and educational content

What’s your favorite book or podcast?

I listen to anesthesia podcasts and also enjoy motivational speakers.

What’s your top tip on being successful?

Give them your entire heart, but don’t forget to have some fun to. 

During stressful times, what are some of your favorite coping strategies?

Exercise, sleep, sunlight, and staying organized with lists are essential to preventing or offsetting stress. 

What are you most excited for this year?

Starting to live my life finally, now as an Attending Anesthesiologist in Miami Florida after being in New Jersey for college, medical school and residency.

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