It’s summer time! Time to slow down, take a vacation, enjoy the sun, go to brunches on rooftops (that’s me at least!). Although the weather is warm and we have may more down time, that doesn’t necessarily correlate with an improved mood of overall happiness. If we rely solely on external factors to ensure our happiness, we are doing ourselves a disservice- no matter what time of year. These are simple things that you can do TODAY if you are feeling a little slumpy (I just made up a word) and need a pick-me-up!

Internal Locus of Control

Fostering a greater sense of an internal locus of control- a sense that you are responsible for how you feel- gives you greater joy in life. Why? Because instead of just being the victim of what’s happening to you (external locus of control), you realize that yes, things will happen to me, but I’m in control of how I react to it.

Put Down the Technology

The social media trap-spending hours mindlessly scrolling. I’ve been very aware of not falling down that rabbit hole since I spend a good amount of time online for my business. If you wake up and scroll your feed in bed before you start your day, or you lose your whole lunch hour watching YouTube videos, or you spend hours at night on your phone and watching TV at the same time (multi-tasking- not!), and you feel like you’re losing so much valuable time, take a step back. Assess how much time you are spending just “checking in.” Keep track of it for a week and I’m sure you’ll be very surprised. Sure, we all need to catch up on social media and it does have its benefits- but can you use some of that time and put it towards something productive and/or fun? A date night, a workout, cooking, dancing around your house while you clean- turn the phone off or put it on airplane mode for two hours a few times a week. You’ll survive. I promise.

Do Something for Someone Else

It feels damn good to be giving – to give to someone without expecting something in return. I love spoiling friends with little gifts and surprises from time to time. Some people may say it’s selfish to give if it makes you feel good- but hey, I’d rather be selfish in that manner than actually doing something selfishly that won’t benefit others. I had a freak out attack ordering a drink from the Starbucks drive through because a spider was crawling into my car through my open window- the Starbucks employee gave me a free drink for my troubles. I felt great about getting a free drink, but I’m sure that employee felt even better doing a kind gesture to a girl in distress (that spider was too close for comfort). I donated to my friend’s charity without even being asked to- because it feels good to give.

xx, Erika

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