We live in a society chock full of distractions and procrastination, making it hard to stay focused. I mean how can you not get distracted? Talk about SENSORY OVERLOAD. The consequences of being ‘ON’ all the time thanks to our smart phones and devices may lead to adverse effects on our productivity and, ahem, not truly being focused. Yup- just because you have all those productivity apps doesn’t mean you’re more productive! The majority of us experience so many distractions throughout the day that we spend the entirety of an hour a day dedicated to this wasted time.

Although the benefits of technology for the most part outweigh the cons, they can most certainly rob us of our creativity when we’re at work- those notifications we receive with new emails, texts, messages, and updating a social status take away from what we’re doing in the moment! Sometimes I feel like I can go crazy just being distracted by my phone.

Sooo here are three ways you can deal with your daily distractions and stay focused:

1. Prioritize to Stay Focused

Writing down the three-four most important tasks of the day that must get done either the night before or day of and setting a timer to complete these tasks without any distractions if possible will help to carve out that purely focused time. Hell, turn your phone on airplane mode- really cut yourself off for 45 minutes! You will survive. Don’t overestimate your to-do list- stick with three or four key things that must get done today.

2. Protect Your Time

There’s no such time as time management, rather, it should be called SELF management. Because time will do its thing regardless if you can ‘manage’ it or not. .I’d rather be productive for 2-3 hours then busy for 5 hours, when the task could have been accomplished in much less time. You procrastinators- I’m talking to you! If you’re the most awake and alert early in the AM, get your work in without hesitation. If your creative brain fires best in the PM, work on your projects then. Leave the reacting work- responding to emails, checking social media, etc. for a time OUTSIDE of your focused work, and not in it.

3. Treat Yo’ Self

How often do you carve out time for self-care? If you’re running on decreased sleep, crappy fast foods, your distractibility is bound to decrease as well. Sometimes we put self-care off because we don’t ‘have time’ for it- however, you will burn to the ground if you don’t make the time for self-care. It’s not selfish- it’s necessary. And if you don’t have time for YOURSELF, then Houston, we have a problem. If you’re like, ok but I really don’t have time for myself Erika- it’s because you must plan for it. It just won’t happen as you already know.  Set your intention-

“Tonight I will stop checking emails by 9PM and go to bed an hour early.”

“I will take my lunch break and squeeze in a HIIT workout instead of watching another episode of whatever.”

You get the point. You are cutting other things out that perhaps aren’t feeding your soul and replacing it with taking care of YOU. Amen.

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xx, Erika

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