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Your wellness

Every month we nurture your body, mind, and soul with specific topics and themes of the month related to all the dimensions of your wellness. For example, we bring the best strategies for better sleep, the latest tips to manage stress and burnout, and our favorite recommendations for personal and spiritual growth.

Just for healthcare

We feature impactful healthcare professionals and brands that prioritize wellness and well-being. Also, we make sure to highlight important events in healthcare such as national days, weeks, and months celebrating our professions.

Expert advice

We go straight to the horse's mouth on complicated topics like nutrition, fitness, sleep, mental health, leadership, financial wellness, workplace issues, and more.


We are building a thriving community and create a unified voice for us to advocate for change in our industry. Through our #HealthcareHangouts, pop-up events, and the internets, we rally a community around improving the lives of healthcare professionals.

Charities and causes

We feature monthly charities, organizations, and causes that are close to our hearts and give you opportunities to give back.

Book of the month

We bring you our favorite book recommendations for personal and professional growth. Supporting a community of bookworms who appreciate leather bound books and rich mahogany.

Organized by local ambassadors, we host #HealthcareHangouts around the country centered around holistic wellness activities. Think yoga, meditation,and kombucha sometimes but connection always. Join our online club and you’ll be the first to know about these offline meetups.

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