Kelly brings a refreshing mix of experience and insight, as she combines rehab, holistic healing and movement science.  She is continually fascinated by the body’s innate ability to heal through movement and gut health.   This Inspired her to create the Innate Connections: Mind Body Program, and Culture Shift: A brain, body, biome movement.  

In addition to being an occupational therapist Kelly holds numerous certifications in Pilates including dance specific Pilates and unique modalities such as Brain Gym and Body Ecology. She opened the first Integrative Pilates and Rehab Clinic, Inspired Wellness, in Metro Detroit in 2001.  Soon after she began training other health & rehab professionals in a year long comprehensive rehab-based Pilates program at IW and throughout the country.   Kelly also enjoys presenting at national rehab and wellness conferences.   

Her work is sought out for her unique, synergistic approach that goes beyond the diagnosis and functional deficits to examine the true root causes such as “tripped-up” reflexes, cranial-sacral system disruption, and an un-integrated nervous system.  This approach is also informed from her training as an integrative manual therapist and takes into consideration the often-overlooked role of the viscera.  Kelly also specializes in pelvic floor and pre/postnatal rehab and educates other professionals throughout the country through the Center for Women’s Fitness.  

When COVID hit she knew she had unique, highly effective tools to help support the anxiety, stress and overwhelm everyone was experiencing especially health care providers.  She created a virtual program INner Resources: A Resiliency Program for Health and Wellness Pros full of tips on how to deal with mask fatigue, setting boundaries and more.  She is passionate about everyone having access to effective self-care tools so continues to offer free community support virtually through programs such as Peace Over Panic.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Kelly started out in the world of holistic OT and her story opening a holistic multidisciplinary clinic
  • 2020 related stress and how Kelly is helping clients understand how they are dysregulated and what to do about it
  • Her specific interventions including combining pilates with Brain Gym, among others
  • Disintegrated reflexes in adults
  • How COVID related stress can trigger fight/flight responses
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