Joy Energy Time offers holistic wellness resources for healthcare professionals online and soon IRL.​

For healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals.

Today, when healthcare professionals want to resolve burnout, they have to keep it to themselves or ‘suck it up’ because of the taboo nature of burnout.

This sucks because burnout is hurting healthcare professionals. We want a world where healthcare professionals can proactively face burnout and achieve the maximum joy in their lives in and out of work. We are bringing this world to life through our club, newsletter, guides, and podcast. 

We’ll start by changing the way healthcare professionals take care of stress and burnout through our resources.  We empower healthcare professionals through our holistic and occupation-centered approach to experience personal growth and engage in advocacy at work. These things ultimately impact well-being and performance in all areas of life.

We’ve learned and grown since our beginnings in 2017 and now believe that the next big step is our online wellness club.

The eight ingredients that make up our core values

Integrity: every action we do is aligned with integrity. We keep it real so you can trust us.

Quality: we are constantly tinkering with content to provide you with the best quality we can offer.

Passion: We are 1000% passionate about this. There are easier ways to make money than start your own business!

Innovation: We are always looking ahead. We are not afraid to pivot and shift according to our community’s wants and needs.

Continuous learning:  We are evidence-based. We stay on top of current research and create content based on that.

Boldness: We like to push the envelope if you can’t tell from our Instagram and our cheeky letterboard posts. We aren’t afraid to talk about burnout or other adversities going on in healthcare.

FUN: The last ingredient and the icing on the cake. We’re contemporary, refreshing, bright, and optimistic. We can address serious topics, but we can also deliver our content in appealing ways.

Our mission is to be the ultimate hub for wellness resources, where healthcare professionals can flourish in and out of work and be apart of a movement to elevate the standards in the industry.

joy energy time

Joy Energy Time explained

What do we want in life?

It all comes down to three core concepts.

  1. More joy and fulfillment in our lives
  2. More energy and vitality to be our best selves
  3. More time to do the things that are meaningful to us

That’s how we came up with this name. Clever, huh?

We hope to be a spark in your life and inspire you to be your #MostLitUpSelf everywhere- at work and out of work. Being your most lit up self means you are vibrant inside and out, living in alignment with who you are and who you want to be, and dedicated to making this world a better place in your own unique way.

The best way to start your week.

Our special bi-weekly newsletter is a good place for you to start if you’re brand new to us! Don’t worry, we hate spam as much as we hate burnout.