Our favorite CEUs!

We love Medbridge because we get all of our CEU needs met in our yearly subscription. With continuing education, home exercise programs, live webinars, and so much more they serve rehab professionals, nurses, and athletic trainers across a variety of settings.

They have an easy to navigate library and you can find which courses and live webinars are approved in your state. Erika (founder of Joy Energy Time) is also a proud MedBridge Educator and has taught several continuing education courses and webinars on burnout.

Save $175 on unlimited CEUs on your annual subscription. Click below or use promo code JoyEnergyTime. Happy Learning!

Thinking about non-clinical career options?

This course by The Non-Clinical PT offers you valuable information, resources, and step-by-step guidance about the non-clinical career options available to you as a healthcare professional. You will even learn about how your personality can influence your non-clinical career choices!

This course is perfect for both those that are ready to make the leap as well as for those that aren’t entirely sure yet, but are considering some non-clinical options.

My husband Mike took this course at the beginning of the pandemic when he found himself out of a job (he was a traveling physical therapist) and successfully landed a non-clinical role within the clinical role (and he’s SO happy!)

Build, Grow, and Monetize Your Blog

If you’re eager to use your rehab experience in a new way, LOVE to write, love the idea of building passive income, and you’re creative brimming with ideas to share, blogging may be for you!

You may be scared, not really sure how a blog even runs, or you may be scared of being stuck in the ‘hobby blog’ zone forever.

Or maybe you’re sick of trying and trying to monetize…and getting NOWHERE. This 3-step course that will take you from overwhelmed and scattered to confident and strategic in your approach. Thankfully, there are NO icky sales tactics.

This course is taught by two wildly successful PT bloggers that have been in the game for over 10 years.

Represent Occupational Therapy and Give OT-based Gifts!

At Purpose Therapy Box, they provide semi-annual subscription boxes for occupational therapy practitioners with goodies including treatment tips and a ‘Facilitate Purpose’ tee. You can also Sponsor a Senior or get a subscription box for the older adults in your life.

In addition to the fabulous subscription boxes, there is a ton of stellar OT apparel and stickers to choose from!

Use code joyenergytime10 to receive 10% off a t-shirt purchase

Use code joyenergytime5 to receive $5 off the OT Objective Subscription Box

Working with older adults as an OT or COTA can be challenging.

Don’t let yourself get stale when it comes to providing care to your geriatric patients. Take advantage of this Learning Lab from Seniors Flourish to get the latest evidence based treatment ideas for a variety of conditions, including a library of videos and materials that will provide you with invaluable information and interventions so you can be the best clinician for your patients.

Join the membership and use code JET:120 at checkout for 10% off your yearly plan!

This book is designed as a step-by-step guide to help you conquer your anxiety.

This guide gives you an in-depth understanding of what anxiety is, how it works in your brain and body, and weekly exercises to work on enhancing your skills to successfully deal with your anxiety. Not only do you learn how effective mind + breathing skills and techniques, but this book keeps it 100% real- one skill will not work all the time and there is no one size fits all treatment. The point of this book is to have the proper tools and layer the techniques over ten weeks to learn what works best for you.

anxiety guide conquer mental health overwhelmed stress burnout healthcare professional occupational therapy