Burnout is a hot topic, for good reason. It’s fair to say that our always-connected work environments contribute to this burn out. Checking our work emails and messages at night or first thing in the morning (even waking up in the MIDDLE of the night to check!) takes you on the fast lane to feeling burnt out. Fuzzy boundaries make for unclear expectations for employers and employees alike.

When you’re always on, you feel it- physically, emotionally, mentally. You are become exhausted, and that exhaustion becomes your norm. Here are some tips to be proactive to prevent burnout:

Experience life for what it is

It’s important to have a bigger picture in life. However, nowadays there are so many different factors and unpredictable twists and turns in our journey that can really stress us out. Nothing is really stable or secure, although some people may perceive some positions as ‘secure.’ It’s hard to imagine where we will be 10 years from now, let alone two years from now. Just roll with the punches and take every experience for what it is- don’t expect to have it all figured out because you never will.

Be intentional

Do you find yourself busy but not productive? It’s a curse from us millennials. To be busy looks deceivingly good. Taking on all the tasks and projects ourselves makes us look like the heroes; however, don’t mistake busy for productive. Be intentional with what you decide to focus on, what your next moves are, and how you rest.

Focus on your quality of sleep

Do you have that little red light coming from your DVR player?  Is your cell phone screen changed to night shift? Is your cell phone on airplane mode the whole night? Let’s face it- most of us don’t get enough sleep, or better yet- great quality of sleep.  Create a space of darkness, prevent exposure to bright lights and screens at least one hour before bed, as bright lights can interrupt our circadian rhythm.

Don't let the feelings of not having enough time get to you

We all know the “I don’t have enough time” line. Sure- we can work til our faces turn blue or until the cows come home, but that is really necessary? We simply are not carving out the time for self-care, because it may be perceived as selfish. How can you expect for your light to burn brightly if you don’t take care of yourself? Creating a balance- however that looks like for you is crucial to making time for things that make your soul feel good. Stop letting that phrase sneak into your day to day- if you don’t make the time to take care of yourself now, it may negatively impact you down the road.

xx, Erika

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