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Show notes

burnt out to lit up podcast episode 123

Ep 123 Pioneering Mindfulness Research with Kate Samples Williams SLP [Interview]

Kate is a nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologist from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and is licensed by the California Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiology Board. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree with honors in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology from California State University-Sacramento and earned her Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders and

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michelle poler hello fears

Ep 122 Facing 100 Days of Fear With Michelle Poler [Interview]

Burnt Out To Lit Up Podcast · 122 Facing 100 Days of Fear With Michelle Poler [Interview] Michelle Poler is a creative and passionate social entrepreneur, keynote speaker, fear facer, and branding strategist. She is the Founder of Hello Fears, a social movement empowering millions to step outside the comfort

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burnt out to lit up podcast joy energy time burnout healthcare

Ep 121 Sustainability and Travel Healthcare with Emily Cheng RN [Interview]

Em is a travel nurse, entrepreneur, innovator, creative, environmentalist, and medical and outdoor influencer. Currently based out of Seattle, Washington, she is a multi-passionate woman currently working on launching 2 businesses, one in the outdoors/medical space, and one in the travel healthcare community space. Outside of her passion projects, she

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