Let's work together to build a better healthcare industry for PTs and OTs

At Joy Energy Time, we know we can’t create the change we want to see alone. We need to partner with like-minded professionals and organizations to start advocating and creating a better healthcare industry.


Joy Energy Time Summit

Coming 2019

The big kahuna. The JET Summit is where we gather all like minded PTs, OTs, and healthcare organizations together who want to solve the problem of burnout in our industry. We will have speakers, workshops, meet and greets, and more. You’ll leave here feeling energized and ready to tackle burnout head on with information and support gained from this awesome experience.

JET Meet and Greet

Coming Fall 2018

We will be holding these small events across the country, bringing together like minded PTs and OTs to share their burnout stories and ways they cope and manage it. We’re not alone in this. We can all help each other!

Dates and Locations:

Burnt Out To Lit Up Podcast Meet-up: SoFa Market, San Jose, CA: 11/7/18 @ 6:30pm

Burnt Out To Lit Up Podcast Meet-up: Miami FL, January 2019, TBD

Book Us To Speak

The founders of Joy Energy Time would love to speak at your next event or inservice. Whether it be a health fair, community event, department meeting, or at your clinic, JET would love to come speak about the topic of healthcare burnout, share our knowledge and experience, and offer tips and strategies both to employees and management on how to reduce and prevent burnout in your clinic.

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Let's Collaborate!

Our mission is to spread our message out there by helping other awesome like minded professionals and organizations in our industry. We have a blog, podcast, free courses and CEUs, so we would love to hear from potential content contributors, interviewees, and influencers. And vice versa! Inquire below.