Our Partners

We work with brands that align with our core values. We aim to serve our community of thousands of healthcare professionals with high-quality content filled with nothing but integrity and authenticity. We know- authenticity is a hot word now, but what that means to us is that we stay true to who we are because our trust with our community is the most important thing to us.

We stand for uplifting and inspiring healthcare professionals, challenging them to be bold and advocate for themselves at work. We empower healthcare professionals to embrace holistic wellness and dare to shine their lights bright in this world, taking care of themselves so that they can be able to give back to their patients from an energized, aligned place.

We are creating a thriving community of healthcare professionals and strive to share with them resources that will improve their lives.

What we offer

Content marketing and advertisement placements in our two main products: the Joy Energy Time Collective Newsletter and the Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast. We also create sponsored posts across our social media platforms with our brand partners.

Our Media Kit.

We ulna want the best for our growing community of healthcare professionals (medical pun).

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