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SyfyWire – Here’s the Mind-Blowing Science Nasa Will Be Doing In Space

Mind-blowing? A bit clickbaity, but interesting read none the less. Spoiler alert. Medications in microgravity, gamma rays from Earth’s thunderstorms, treating injuries in space.

The Verge – Ideas for new NASA mission can now include spacecraft powered by plutonium

Nasa has lifted a ban on the use of plutonium-238, a type of radioactive material for the generation of electricity for deep space missions where sunlight and other methods are not an option. This long lasting type of electricity means that these projects can perform lengths and types of missions previously impossible. Ideas are being proposed for the next potential mission to use this method could launch in 2026.

Lonely Planet – Driverless cars in a gigantic green city: the future of air travel is coming to Oslo

Those darn Norwegians are at it again, making this world a better place. Oslo’s “Airport City” construction is slated to begin in 2019 and will focus on renewable energy and efficient lighting, self driving cars, a park, and business hub. It aims to be the world’s first “energy positive” with electricity surplus to sell to the surrounding area. Skol!

Popular Mechanics – The First Floating Wind Farm Is Ridiculously Efficient

Off the coast of Scotland, the Hywind wind farm is the world’s first floating wind farm using bouys and anchors rather than drilling them into the seabed. This method is ideal for locations where the sea is too deep for traditional off shore wind farms to be an option.

Newsweek – Scientists Create Wonder Substance That Can Kill Five Deadly Drug Resistant Superbugs

Being a healthcare provider , I’m all too aware of superbugs like MRSA that are antibiotic resistant. This is thought to be one of the most pressing issues in healthcare today. Scientists in Singapore have developed a new polymer that not only kills 5 different types of resistant bacteria, but will also biodegrade and will not remain in the body after 3 days.

Yahoo! News – Genetic tweak makes plants use 25% less water

According to this article, 2/3 of Earth’s population lives in a region where water is scarce and that by 2030 the word will face a 40% water deficit. Researchers in the UK have found a way to genetically modify plants to use 25% less water while keeping yield the same.

By Dr. Michael T Frasso PT, DPT, Co-Owner and CFO of Joy Energy Time

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