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Man Carries His Wife’s Urn During Eagles Parade: ‘I Had to Make Sure She Was Here For This’

FLY EAGLES FLY. In case you havn’t heard, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl this month for the first time in franchise history. This guy brought his wifes ashes to the parade because she was  a die hard fan and would have wanted to be there. Shut up I’m not crying, you’re crying.

The Seabin Will Start Cleaning Australian Waterways in March – Futurism

Founded by sufers, Australian company Seabin Project has created a low energy, 24/7 floating ocean trash cleanup system you can install on any dock or floating structure. This nifty little guy cleans up 25 liters per hour of floating trash and debris by sucking in the water around it from the top into a removable mesh filter. Because who wants to surf in a dirty ocean. No one.

Alzheimer’s Disease Is Completely Reversed by Removing Just One Enzyme in New Study – Newsweek

A study this month in the Journal of Experimental Medicine performed by scientists at the Cleveland Clinic identified a key enzyme that, when removed via gene therapy, eliminated the prevalence of Alzheimer’s symptoms in mice as they aged. It remains to be seen how and if this treatment could potentially carry over into human trials, but in the fight against this awful disease, any victory should be celebrated.

New Super Wood Beats Metals in Feats of Strength – Smithsonian

Sure, call me a nerd. But the prospect of a “super wood” that is stronger than steel is interesting to me. By heating, compressing , and soaking boring old regular wood in sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfate, scientists at the University of Maryland have created an essentially renewable material that is 3x denser than regular wood and 12x stronger.

‘Anxiety cells’ identified in the brain’s hippocampus – Medical Press

Palms sweaty? Knees weak? Arms heavy? Published in Neuron, a recent study by neuroscientists at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and the University of California, San Francisco have identified “anxiety cells” in mice that, when “turned up” caused them to elicit more anxious behavior in the form of not wanting to explore their surroundings. Future anxiety treatments could take the form of “turning down” these cells in humans. One step closer to getting my wife to answer the door when pizza is delivered.

A concerned dad joined his son to hitch-hike around the world – Lonely Planet

Awesome read. Free spirited Yiğit Kurt claims to have traveled 20,000 km and over 30 countries via hitchhiking, much to the disapproval of his father. Like any concerned parent, Adnan Kurt only feared the worst could happen, until he accompanied his son and tried it for himself. Together they have experienced unprecedented kindness, and write about their adventures in their blog.

Environmentally friendly sunscreen ingredient made by scientists using genetically modified bacteria – Independent

Key ingredient used in the production of environmentally friendly sunscreen called shinorine had previously been hard to come by, having to harvest it from wild algae. Researchers from the University of Florida have genetically modified bacteria to produce it in large quantities using gene modification. Traditional sunscreen has been shown to contribute to coral bleaching so this is a happy day for the reefs. Horray reefs!

China Has Built a Huge Floating Solar Farm on Top of a Deserted Coal Mine – Futurism

Chinese power company Sungrow Power Supply has created the worlds largest floating solar farm on a lake over an abandoned coal mine.  Great step in the right direction for one of the worlds largest polluters.

By Dr. Michael T Frasso PT, DPT, Co-Owner and CFO of Joy Energy Time

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