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Do you hate everyone on the internet? Is netflix and a snuggie your favorite pastime to escape from the depressingly soul-crushing real world? Feel like you are constantly force-fed nothing but depressing media until you are fat, sick, and sad? Want to recluse to a cabin in the woods?

Take your pick: Shootings, terrorism, politics, corporate greed, poisonous food, climate change…Feel like humanity has lost its way?

Here at Joy Energy Time, we want to help people, it’s at the core of our business model. We try our absolute best to help people cope with their burnout, stress, and anxiety by helping them cultivate more positivity and joy in their lives. What we found is that it’s easy to dwell on the negative , it’s everywhere, but we disagree that we’re all headed into a downward spiral. The world is actually a beautiful, rich place, full of people and stories that restore faith in humanity and its ability to move our society forward. That’s why we created this blog series. We were sick of being depressed every time we turned on the tv, read an article, or opened social media. The positive stories are out there, you just have to do some digging. Ok a lot of digging. Like Holes level digging. Fear and negativity sells, just look at the trending stories on any given day. The fact is, the world hasn’t taken a turn for the worse, the research shows that globally things have actually improved for the average person. It’s just that current information exchange has never been faster or easier, so you hear about everything. Again, fear and negativity sells.

What to expect each month: This blog series will be a monthly compilation of various stories/articles/videos etc. that focus on the people who foster progress and make you proud to be a human! Let’s focus on the good! Monthly! The Monthly Good! Get it?

If you know of anything that you think belongs here please message us and we will add it to the next installment! Email!

Scientists Are Engineering Carbon-Storing Plants to Fight Climate Change

Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies are genetically engineering and cross breeding harvest plants to produce a material called Suberin, a stable form of carbon that naturally occurs in cork trees, in their root system as an effort to safely absorb and store CO2 from the atmosphere in their root system for potentially thousands of years, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change

A New Solar Plant Will Provide Power to 13,000 Homes for an Entire Year – Futurism

Spanish solar company Cox Energía will build a solar power plant in Chile capable of supplying 13,000 homes with power during the day, night, and during inclement weather. will supply 140 gigawatt-hours of electricity

New hope for coral reefs as scientists successfully manage a ‘coral transplant’ – Lonely Planet

researchers were successfully able to transplant coral spawn from a healthy area of the Great Barrier Reef to a part that was damaged by coral bleaching due to warmer sea temperature, growing into a healthy coral child in just 8 months.

This eco-friendly gondola made of trash sets sail in Venice – Lonely Planet

Angelo Boscolo, a former fruit and vegetable vendor, built his gondola out of 350 discarded vegetable crates collected from his old colleagues at the Rialto Market in Venice. The maiden voyage set sail on the Grand Canal on 21 November

Thousands of people come together to save a gorgeous French chateau – Lonely Planet

With the future of 13th-century French Chateau de la Mothe-Chandeniers uncertain and possible demolition in the cards, 7000 do-gooders came together under a crowdfunding effort to buy the run-down estate with hopes of restoring it to its former beauty and open it to the public. Or they just wanted to be able to say “I own part of a French Chateau” at dinner parties.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Zips Off To Collect Asteroid Sample – DOGOnews

After it’s 19,000 mph earth gravity assist on sept 22, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx space probe zipped off to intercept asteroid Bennu, one of 7000 near earth objects but only 1 of 5 that met the criteria for this mission, including its potential for housing organic compounds in its rocky innards. By 2020, OSIRIS-REx hopes to mine rock from Bennu for study and begin the long journey home in the hopes of learning more about the building blocks for life and even…I’m not sayings it’s aliens. But it’s aliens.

An Amino Acid in Plant Waste Offers Unexpected Energy Potential – Futurism

Researches at the University of Limerek in Ireland have discovered the amino acid glycine to be peizoelectric, or able to produce electricity when mechanically stressed. Other piezoelectric materials are used in wireless devices like smartphones, but glycine is very cheap to produce, making it a potential cost effective, renewable source of electricity for these devices.

Officials Just Signed a Contract to Build The World’s First Floating Village – Futurism

A Singapore-based start-up called Blue Frontiers and the French Polynesian government have reached an agreement to build a $60-million floating village off the main island of Tahiti that will be home to 200-300 citizens and workers. This village will be a showcase and testing ground for technologies such as seaweed farming and ocean wave hydroelectric power that will be needed to created larger, more sustainable floating communities. In the coming years, projects like these are expected to be viable options for coastal regions threatened by rising seas. The project is slated to begin in 2020.

UVA Discovers Trigger for Macular Degeneration That Robs Millions of Vision – Science & Technology Research News

The University of Virginia School of Medicine has discovered a critical trigger for macular degeneration , a condition that renders approximately 200 million people blind worldwide. An enzyme called cGAS has been found to be the cause. Researched believe that medication could be easily made to block this enzyme from causing this adverse effect.

MIT Scientists Created a New Method of Turning CO2 into Fuel – Futurism

MIT has created a way to turn carbon emissions into usable fuel. You’re better of reading the article here, hearing it from me would only unnecessarily dumb it down. Basically it’s a membrane system that separates CO from O2 and CO2, which can be used as fuel, or combined with other materials to create other viable fuels.

Gene therapy helps a boy get new skin – Biotechin.Asia – Biotech in Asia

Ruhr-Universität Bochum’s burn unit and the Center for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Modena in Italy have become the first to perform an experimental procedure for skin transplants. The child patient has a condition called epidermis bullosa which caused 80% of his epidermis to be destroyed. Considered incurable, the condition is a congenital defect in a gene responsible for skin regeneration. Using harvested stem cells from the patient’s epidermis, the team was able to inject an intact gene via viruses into the stem cells, which were then used to created skin grafts for the boy. Now 2 years post procedure, it has been a resounding success, and he is able to take part in all social activities and attend school

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