We're At It Again!

We are incredibly proud to bring you the Joy Energy Time 50 Inspiring Healthcare Professionals. We are celebrating healthcare professionals across North America coming from different disciplines who are #InspiredInHealthcare that contribute to the growth of the industry in meaningful ways. From reshaping how the public receives public health education to creating businesses that empower others in the industry; from creating valuable educational content to founding thriving businesses that enhance and save lives-these individuals have unique stories that move us.

This is not about who is “the best.” We are inspired by our entire community of healthcare professionals. We hope that by imparting the stories and honoring healthcare professionals living true to their mission and also leveraging social media to spread good, we can inspire others and thus lift up the industry.

Want to get featured in our #InspiredinHealthcare video? You can submit a 60 second video telling us who has inspired you in healthcare or what inspires you in healthcare during these trying times.

An Important Word About The Campaign:

We technically have 44 honorees. As we were in the middle of working on the campaign, the pandemic hit and we put this campaign on hold. As we resumed putting this together, we decided to create a COVID-19 Corner Special in light of the COVID-19 pandemic in the place of our six spots.

We honor those that have lost their lives treating patients with COVID-19, those at the front-lines that have put their lives at risk, those that have fought ruthlessly to dismantle false information, and those that have used their social media platforms for good and provided invaluable education, public health call-to-actions, and heartwarming messages and stories of those impacted most by the pandemic.

Front-lines and side-lines, healthcare workers all around the work have been impacted and we humbly show our heartfelt appreciation through this special addition to the campaign.

Meet our 2020 Honorees