Kerry McGinn is a Licensed Physical Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer and overall lover of wellness. She is the owner of Live Good, Feel Good, a Physical Therapy and wellness company located in Boston in the USA.

She believes that every single person deserves to feel good in their body and CAN feel good in their body with the right movement, rituals and habits for them. She weaves her knowledge of anatomy, yoga, meditation, mother nature and movement to create a personalized unique experience for each person she works with. She is currently obsessed with everything poloyvagal theory, lymphatic system the fascia system.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Kerry’s burnout story and how she pulled herself out of it
  • Workaholism in rehab, emphasis on quantity over quality
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Kerry’s 5 M’s to manage burnout
    • Movement
    • Mobility matters
    • Mindfulness
    • Mindset
    • Mother nature
  • The lack of holistic approaches in Physical Therapy and why that is important

Kerry's Special Gift for BOLU Listeners

Want to reset your habits, improve your daily habits and feel good?

Ever wonder how to connect your mind and body?

How to create rituals and routines that fuel you…..

How mother nature can improve your life…..

How to use movement as medicine……

How mobility can improve how you feel……

Join Kerry on this six-week Fuel your Feel Good program to learn more about how to reset your habits, improve your daily life and connect to what makes you feel good.

In this course, we will review movement, daily habits, meditation, mindset, mindfulness and mobility. 

This course will require you to take a deep dive into what is no longer serving you and kindly say goodbye.  After completing, you will have real, tangible tools to help you tackle even your most stressful week and stop beating yourself up. You can purchase here or learn more about the course here.

And guess what?! BOLU listeners get a discount!

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