Can you love your profession and also step away from it?


Seasoned surgical Physician Assistant, entrepreneur, writer, personal statement professor, and online educator Karen Calcaño PA-C joins your host Erika del Pozo MOT, OTR/L and shares her current burnout situation, balancing your energy input and output when you’re burned out, ‘medfluencers,’ the struggle of the divine mission of healthcare and the struggle between the calling and the practicality of that, the pros and cons of being a PA-C, and more.

We also get into the high cost of getting into healthcare and the societal norms surrounding this calling.

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My Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Energy reserves and burnout;  developing fatigue around doing basic things. There is a relativity aspect in things that energize/drain you when you are burned out
  • ‘Med-influencers” and the glamourization of healthcare that you see in TV and on social media, but does not necessarily represent the realities of healthcare
  • The divine mission in healthcare and the struggle between the calling and the practicality of it
  • The pros and cons of the Physician Assistant profession, including legislation issues, types of disparities, visibility issues
  • What’s the norm? It’s “NORMAL” to get in $100,000+ debt for school, to not to have a life, to have high competition at work, to sacrifice yourself and work yourself to the ground
  • Being multi-dimensional and devoting yourself to other things besides work like happiness, fulfillment, families, health, etc.
Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast

My Favorite Quotes From Karen:

“Sitting with discomfort is very powerful in helping you deal with life.”

“Go with things that are going to restore you instead of things that will deplete you when you’re in a vulnerable state.”

The more you speak your truth… the more people will be attracted to what you’re putting out.”

“Anything you polish is going to shine…I choose to polish BEING WELL in order to better take care of our patients.”

Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast
Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast

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