Devlynn Neu MS, OTR/L (he/them/they/theirs) is an occupational therapist and advocate for the LGBTQIA+. In this episode of the Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast, Devlynn shares their story about becoming an advocate, do’s and don’ts to support members in the community, how to decrease stigma, how to create inclusive environments, and so much more- like how gender reveal parties and like how saying “hey guys!” is problematic.

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My Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

How to support LGBTQIA+ individuals in healthcare and beyond:

  • Use inclusive language (i.e. avoid ‘hey guys’)

  • Share your pronouns before you ask someone else about their pronouns

  • Create inclusive healthcare forms

  • Ask patients/coworkers what they’d like to be referred as

  • Don’t attach gender to activities

My Favorite Quotes From Dev:

“The world would be so much easier if we just let people be who they want to be.”

“When people are ready to let others in…it shifts that power dynamic to the person instead of the system.”

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