2021- the year of healing and working through our trauma. Who’s with me?

This is a special #LitUp2021 throwback to my interview with none other than Dr. Nicole LePera.

If you’re on your self-healing journey wherever you are, this is for you.

Nicole had debilitating anxiety which led her to dive into the research and learn about the mind-body piece and WHY the body piece is so important for mental wellness. Now she’s an author! I pre-ordered her book: How To Do The Work.

She’s also the founder of the Selfhealers Circle, an online space for those invested in their healing journey.

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My Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

-Getting the validation early on that breaking the mold of the traditional psychology mindset

-“Life being lived in moments” quote led Nicole to become intrigued by and begin studying mindfulness

-She talks about her debilitating anxiety, which led her to dive into the research and learn about the mind-body piece

-The rigors of conventional psychology training, lack of holistic models, and favor of a reductionist approach; the disconnect there is to treat the mind and neglect of acknowledging the body

-Subconscious programming that makes healing difficult but is necessary

-Top-down: subconscious programming based on our past experiences that keep us stuck when we’re trying to develop new lifestyle habits; using your prefrontal cortex to make new choices. Healing comes when we get our choice back when we focus on reprogramming our subconscious

-Bottom-up: having a balanced body. Nutrition, sleep, lifestyle habits and routines, breathwork, active movement, meditation. Turning off the overtaxed stress system

-The environment we live in affects whether genes will turn on or turn off

-Mindfulness: the present moment is the first step to cultivating attention to the present moment. We can’t control our thoughts, but what we can control is the amount of attention we give to our thoughts. 

-We are rewiring our neurons to fire in a different way and develop a new neural network. We can strengthen a new neural network through awareness to make new choices.

-Thinking the thought, seeing the vision, and then feeling the thought and embodying the thought and feeling it. 

My Favorite Quotes From Nicole:

“When we’re in the present moment, then we have access to choices which might go against those habitual patterns… we can experiment with different ways of being.”’

“The way we think we are is very much connected to the way our families and [social] environments are.”

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