Founder of Therapists Without Borders, Lauren Stanley, MS, OTR/L, C/NDT is the perfect example of an entrepreneur. She heard people when they had a problem, listened, and created the solution. She is an occupational therapist, executive director for Therapists Without Borders, and travel blogger who has been to 38 countries. Lauren is passionate about volunteerism and traveling; she created this non-profit to give back to countries in need. She combined these two passions to create an opportunity for other therapists to go around the world and engage in skilled volunteer work in global communities. Lauren’s instagram Proper Jetiquette is where you can follow her journey in building this incredible mission. Here are the top three takeaways from Burnt Out to Lit Up podcast chat:


What I learned talking to a fellow OTpreneur is that what we do our labors of our love. Lauren’s work involves an entire team, promotion, flights, legal work, etc. to get this dream operating. What I learned from Lauren is that it’s important to just focus on one step at a time, take each experience for what it is, and stay laser-focused on your goals. What is going to get your goal off the ground, and what isn’t?


In the nitty-gritty daily work of whatever it is you are pursuing, it may be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Lauren reveals how she would have never thought she would pursue entrepreneurship. Her “why” drove her to create a solution and be a part of filling the gap for all the therapists that wish to volunteer ethically but don’t know how. It our “why” that makes us get up every morning and devote ourselves to achieving our goals.


Lauren reveals in our podcast interview that her big goal is establishing sustainable volunteerism so that therapists can make a long-lasting impact in whatever community they are working with. It’s important for the mission to establish follow-through and carry-over so that communities are positively impacted by volunteers. Lauren tells me that therapists expressed concerns to her about eco-volunteering with organizations that appeared decent on the outside yet left them questioning if the time and money spent really made an impact or even caused harm and damage to communities.

Connect with Lauren and support this amazing cause here:

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