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Leah Foreman is an Occupational Therapist Assistant who has spent the majority of her career in pediatrics, working in Early Intervention services. Her mission is to help her patients and families successfully enjoy life together as a family unit because she believes every human has an innate right to experience joy, wellness, and belonging. She is proud to say she is able to help others find health and wellness while maintaining her own occupational balance and health, something she has learned through her relationship as an event and brand ambassador with Joy Energy Time and her experience in highly emotional and demanding practice settings. You can currently find her practicing in Denver, Colorado. You can also find her living out her goals, researching telehealth and accessibility to healthcare in underserved areas, and advocating for occupational balance, chemical safety, and mindfulness in mental health.


Morgan Corbitt, B.A., psy.D candidate is originally from Indianapolis, IN and is currently living in West Palm Beach, FL. She received her bachelors in Psychology from Spelman College in Atlanta GA. After college, she moved to Chicago to pursue my doctorate in clinical psychology from Adler University. She is currently completing her internship at Palm Beach County Youth Services Department in her second rotation, outpatient family therapy. Come August, she will finally complete her degree requirements for her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Psy.D from Adler University. Her favorite wellness activities include yoga, bike riding, visiting the beach, cooking healthy food, and playing with her French Bulldog.


Kerry has been an athlete and fitness fanatic her whole life. She started in the health and wellness arena as a collegiate lacrosse player who enjoyed learning about exercise and nutrition. Kerry started her professional training career under the guidance of her strength and conditioning coach and became a Certified Personal Trainer. In 2014, after utilizing yoga to heal physically and emotionally, she pursued her 200 hour Yoga Certification at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge. She finished her Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree at MGH Institute of Health Professions in January of 2018 fulfilling a lifelong dream of helping others to heal. As a Physical Therapist, she specializes in Sports Physical Therapy and Concussion Rehabilitation. She believes that each person is an athlete in their own right and deserves to be treated with the utmost care and intensity to get back to their sport of choice. As an avid outdoor adventurer, yogi and weightlifter, she understands the importance of staying active and pain free for all life has to throw at you. Kerry fuses all her passions together for one holistic approach to health and wellness. She believes that every body is different and tailors programs to help her clients reach their fitness and wellness goals through mind, body, and spirit . Her 360 approach to health and wellness keeps you feeling strong, confident, and fulfilled. Kerry is currently aspects personal training, physical therapy and wellness clients online and in person.



Samantha is an occupational therapist currently working in inpatient rehab for people with brain injuries. During her career thus far, she has had the opportunity to work in various settings from acute care to community based non-profit. It did not take long into her career to start feeling burnout. As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety in her life, Samantha tends to check in with her own mental health often. Recognizing how her work was affecting her well-being, Samantha shifted gears to prioritizing her own self care and wellness practices. Doing this, she found more happiness and fulfillment in and out of work. When not working, Samantha enjoys reading in coffee shops, practicing yoga, and spending time outside. She is looking forward to building a community of healthcare providers in my area who are seeking balance and wellness.


Allyson is a new grad OT working full-time for FOX Rehabilitation. She loves occupational therapy because of the pride and excitement she sees in her clients’ eyes when they accomplish something they never thought they could do again after illness/injury. Allyson’s clinical passion areas are pediatrics, geriatrics, chronic disease management, oncology care, and psychosocial well-being. Allyson knows life as a new grad is not always easy, but she is willing to share openly and honestly about her struggles and successes in an effort to help other new grads along the way. She is excited to be on this journey as a fellow agent for change in the healthcare industry.