Healthcare Friends: Community for Intentional Healthcare Professionals

We bring together healthcare professionals to work smarter and prevent/manage burnout as a result of listening to stories, experiences, and ideas of people on the same path. We do this so that we can build practices that strengthen our personal growth and advocacy efforts in order to be our most lit up, brightest selves in and out of work and make a real impact in redefining the culture in healthcare together.

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Recharge Your Batteries.

Get inspired to take charge of your personal and professional wellness practices through conversations, supporting one another, and sharing resources.

Cultivate Community.

Make friends that also share your values and priorities of holistic wellness, personal growth, and advocacy for a brighter industry.

Access Anytime, Anywhere.

The community is housed in an app, Mighty Networks. Think Facebook group but without the politics, endless scrolling, and drama.

Our mission with Healthcare Friends is to empower healthcare professionals to truly thrive in and out of work and be agents of change in this broken healthcare system.

healthcare friends joy energy time

Let's Grow Together

Join our community of intentional healthcare professionals focused on holistic wellness and work well-being and advocacy.

When you join our community, you get to:

  • Create your own profile
  • Follow other members
  • Post to a general feed and tag by Topic
  • Send direct messages to members
  • Join ‘Circles’ based on specific topics of interest
  • Grow in a community with others that share your priorities

Do you feel a strong pull to foster your personal development, prevent/manage burnout, and expand your energy?