Meet Kendra Lopez, PA-C from @itskendralynne! Kendra’s YouTube channel gives you insight into all things physician assistant- reasons for going into the field, applying for jobs, and more. In this interview, Kendra talks about her biggest stressors and getting into spirituality. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Thriving Collective Club! Please share with us who you are, what you do for work, and some of your fav interests.  

Hi I’m Kendra!! I’m a Physician Assistant in South Florida and have been working for 3 years. I currently work in derm/cosmetic derm and urgent care. Some of my fav interests are traveling, hiking, spirituality and being in nature

What made you decide to go into the physician assistant field? What’s the most rewarding thing about the work you do?

I grew up with parents in the medical field, so I always knew I wanted to do something in the same field. They were definitely my main driving forces for my passion. The most rewarding thing about my work is helping people to achieve their goals whether medical or cosmetic.

What are some of the biggest stressors in your life in regards to work that impact you either at work or while you’re away from work?

For me, my biggest stressors are made by me. Work in general for me is not stressful. I am currently working on my own business which makes up the majority of my stress. Starting a business while working almost full time is not easy.



Are you a morning person or evening person? Do you practice a grounding routine that either gets you ready for the day or helps you to relax at night (or both?!)

I’m definitely a morning person. I can get up at pretty much any time. I have a morning ritual that I like to do to get myself ready and invigorated for my day

I know you are a ‘newbie’ at spirituality, as am I. What does your spiritual practice look like and what is it doing for your life?

My spiritual practice starts the minute I open my eyes. As soon as I wake up, I thank the Universe/God for another day to be alive in this beautiful world. I usually spend around 10 minutes meditating and saying my affirmations. I give thanks for everything I have in my life and truly feel the gratitude. I remind myself every day that I am one with the Universe and with my higher self. These practices really help me to become aware of myself and my feelings and helps me to redirect any negative energy I may come across away from myself.

What is your favorite yoga and/or spiritual workshops or retreat? If you dream of going to one, which is it? Do you have any recommendations, either local or international you can share with us? 🙂

I’ve actually been researching Ayahuasca trips. Although some people are skeptical, I have read about  many great experiences and also have watched documentaries on it as well. With the right intentions, you can discover so much from these. My dream is to go to Rythmia in Costa Rica.

Last one: What makes you your most lit up self?

What makes me my most lit up self is when I am in nature and one with nature. This would look like me standing on top of a mountain somewhere taking in the beauty and grandeur of this amazing planet.



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