Healthcare Challenge 2018!!

We got a challenge on our hands!! Are you in for the 5 day healthcare challenge starting Monday?! Show us you’re participating on Instagram that you’re in by using the #HealthcareChallenge2018 in your Insta-stories and your posts!

What is the Challenge?

As healthcare professionals, we are susceptible to burnout. The consequences of dealing with burnout can impact us physically, mentally, and professionally. Burnout occurs gradually overtime and not overnight- so it’s our responsibility to be proactive practitioners and bash the burnout!

This challenge has a different theme each day about things you can do in and out of work for burnout prevention. I will go live either by myself or share the screen with another healthcare professional each of the five days. Here’s the loose schedule (may change!) of the scheduled lives and topics:

  1. Scary stats and facts
  2. Coping strategies
  3. Physical and mental energy
  4. Changes in workplace

If you’re not already, follow me on Instagram and follow along the challenge!

What does it mean to participate?

Use the #HealthcareChallenge2018 to promote awareness of the challenge and get your friends to join too! You can make a post using the # and share your personal story with burnout. If you haven’t been been burnt out but you’re in healthcare, use the # to share your biggest stressors that you’ve dealt with at work.

It’s important that if you post your story that you include something you did to overcome that challenge. If you’re still in it and haven’t quite overcome it yet, that’s totally OK! Remember that this is a journey. Just as burnout does not occur overnight, the solution and strategies to address it don’t just happen overnight either.

People in social media want to see REAL over perfect. Share your true story! Your vulnerability may help you to move forward in this imperfect journey!

Can’t wait for the challenge- see you on IG!

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