It’s time for some SPRING CLEANING! (Cue Snow White and her chirping birds). Ah, spring. Growing up in Miami, I just grew up with two seasons- summer and summer. So I never got into the seasonal traditions as much, spring cleaning being one of them. But now I am realizing that there is a TON of value to this concept. I realized that I can take this opportunity to spring clean not just my home, but my life. Wow. Deep. Keep reading and check out the five areas in which I began to spring clean that maybe you’ll want to spring clean too 😉

Spring Clean Your Space.

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be your home. Clean your car out, your work space out, your purse- everythangg! Spring is a perfect opportunity to really declutter and get your shit together. I spring cleaned my closet, dresser, nightstand, and car this past weekend and I can’t tell you how energized I’m feeling! It feels good to be donating a ton of clothes I don’t wear. I always had the excuse that I didn’t have time to clean because I would tell myself that I’m too busy, or I had more productive things to do. Guess what? How can you expect to be your best self if your space doesn’t reflect that? Taking the time to clean meant that I can show up in life, whether it’s in my home or driving to work, from a much clearer, happier space. Take and make the time to finally clear your space and let your space be a reflection of your health- how do you want to feel?

Spring Clean Your Body.

Notice what is aligning with you and what isn’t. Are you indulging too much in wine? Or sweets? I have been indulging a little more than I should with vino, so I decided that I need a reboot!  Do a gut check- what foods or drinks can you limit that you know aren’t making you feel your best? Think about your why and how you will feel if you cut back on some of those things. For me, I want to enjoy wine intentionally on the weekends. I am replacing my usual wine o’clocks during the week with juice time 🥕🥒Find a delish recipe or swap and get excited to clean it up.  It’s totally OK to celebrate and treat yourself, but this is about getting excited about nourishing your body! Spring clean your movement schedule (aka exercising) and get moving in new ways! Not just because summer is around the corner, but because it makes you feel good.

Spring Clean Your Mind.

Do you need a judgment detox? I’m sure we all do. Notice when you’re judging yourself and others- just by being aware you’ll get better at catching yourself! Replace judgment with gratitude. Replace negativity in your life with positive intentions. I’m BIG on intentions. Big on holy selfishness- aka carving out special you time. Think of vitamins but for your mind- you want to get rid of the junk (i.e. judgment, chisme or gossip, negativity, complaining) and get in your vitamins- meditation, positive affirmations, and gratitude! You can journal it out or have 15 minutes in your morning/evening (even in the shower!) to practice your mind vitamins. You got this babe 💖 (or bro!)

Spring Clean Your Vibes.

Get real- what are your vibes? This kind of goes hand in hand with spring cleaning your mind. With your vibes, you always want to feed it with the good stuff. Protect your energy at work with those that spread toxicity. Do something new that excites you and elevate your energy. Do you need to do some HIIT in the mornings to get your energy up? Go on a meditation retreat? You want to (I’m assuming) vibrate from a high space- so make it happen NOW!

Spring Clean Your Relationships.

Friendships, romantic relationships, etc. That quote no new friends- I get it. But is it time to let some people go? Do you feel yourself distancing from people? If you’ve been working on yourself, you may notice that you outgrow some people. And that’s OK. Just because someone served  a purpose in your life at some point doesn’t mean that they’re supposed to be in your life forever. Are there people you want to connect with? Doesn’t have to be in person- you can find your tribe online! That’s my mission- to find a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs like me so we can support each other! 👯

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