I’ve gone through my fair share of low energy days. I went to the doctor once for it- I had no energy, lots of fatigue, and sometimes my hands would feel tingly. It turned out that I had a significant deficiency in vitamin B-12 which impacts your energy! I always advise checking with your doctor if you’re feeling low on energy to see what’s up. However, if you’ve gone to the doctor and you’re still feeling excessive fatigue, try these lifestyle tips that will boost your energy right up!

Exposure to Sunlight

Our bodies circadian rhythm, or our sleep/wake cycle, can be impacted by the amount or lack of light exposure we receive. Checking your phone late at night with a bright screen? Waking up in the morning and getting ready in a dark room? These things can be negatively impacting your energy and causing fatigue throughout your day! Go with your body’s flow and expose yourself to bright light in the morning and avoid screens before bedtime. iPhone has a feature called “night shift” where you can automatically set your phone to use warmer colors at night, making it easier on your eyes before bed. Android has a similar feature now too.

Avoid the Snooze Button

Man, this struggle is REAL for me. I used to be (sometimes am- I’m not perfect!) a snooze queen. Snoozing for 8 more minutes will simply not benefit you. Seriously- before you hit that snooze, countdown from five and give yourself those five seconds to get out of bed instead of automatically hitting that snooze button. Instead of reacting by hitting the snooze button, stop and THINK! Count 5-4-3-2-1 and get UP. Do this every single morning until you’ve kicked the habit!

Drink Water

You wake up dehydrated- you have just spent several hours in the night without drinking water or eating. Plus, you lose some water throughout the night through breathing and sweat. Before you grab for your coffee or cafe con leche, drink a full glass of water. By a window. Squeeze half a lemon in your water. Now we’re talking- simple hydration and sunlight in the AM for a fatigue kicking energy boost!

Move After Lunch

How many of you want to fall asleep after having a big lunch? After lunch, do you go right back to slump at your desk? Do you experience a crash around 2-3pm? How about you take a more active lunch break? I recommend a short walk outside the office. It’ll wake you up, reduce fatigue, and even make you a bit more productive in the afternoon. Get moving, your body needs it, and better yet encourage these healthy daily routines with a co-worker! If you’re famished by lunch, make sure you’re eating a real breakfast and possibly a mid-morning snack to hold you over so you don’t overeat at lunch (sorry guys, that daily donut with coffee isn’t cutting it). You must be thinking Erika I know I have to move this isn’t new! Well, are you doing it?

Your Mindset

If you tell yourself you don’t have energy, you’re right. What you tell yourself becomes your story and your reality. It may sound silly, but start telling yourself “I have energy” even when you don’t feel like it. Ever smile and just feel happier, even if it started off as a fake smile? Same with energy- if you have to trick yourself at first, that’s ok. It’s a start. Tell yourself you have more energy and begin to feel that way.

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xx, Erika

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