Dr. Brenda Walding is a Women’s Holistic Wellness & Transformation Coach, Doctor of Physical Therapy and specializes in helping stressed out, high-achieving women reclaim their health, find greater ease and create a life they love. She is the author of Sick of Being Sick: The Women’s Holistic Guide to Conquering Chronic Illness, as well as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner and HeartMath Certified Coach.

She currently resides outside of Austin, Texas on the beautiful Lake Travis with her husband and dog. Brenda loves spending time in nature, connecting with her family and friends, dancing, facilitating sacred women’s circles, and learning about holistic healing and spirituality

Takeaways from our conversation:


Like many other new occupational therapy and physical therapy grads, Brenda hit the ground running when she graduated from PT school. She began working for a busy clinic where she saw so many patients in a day, and could not give the quality of care she wanted to give each patient. As a result of dealing with all the stress and major life changes, her health began to deteriorate. She developed rashes in her body that lasted for over two years. She noticed that her hair was falling out and she got sick more frequently. She was so sick that she had to go on disability.   

Brenda went to see various doctors to receive help, but continued to get worse and worse. She developed an infection and had lesions in her mouth and throat; also, she needed to have ice packs on her body every night. Brenda attributes her illness to being in a high stress, high paced job, life stressors, poor diet, toxins in her environment, and having a high-achieving personality.

When she went on disability, she felt like her identity was gone. She completely lost herself and was wondering if she was going to die. Since the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. After being on rounds of antibiotics that did not clear her infection, she was in a deathly situation and was scared for her life. Brenda did not want to exist any longer after hitting her lowest low.

burnt out to lit up podcast joy energy time holistic burnout stress occupational therapy


After experiencing her lowest low, Brenda went to Whole Foods and saw the Well-Being Journal with a headline about how to combat drug-resistant infections with natural plant substances. She followed the advice from the journal and bought a plant-based remedy, which completely cleared her infection within a matter of three days.

She was completed confounded because she spent years with a team of doctors trying to figure out how to cure her infection. Brenda had a huge ‘aha’ moment and began to educate herself on how to take care of her mind, body, and soul from a holistic perspective.

burnt out to lit up podcast joy energy time holistic burnout stress occupational therapy


Brenda dove right into holistic healing. She treated healing herself as a full-time job. She gained awareness around the fact that her current pace at work did not suit her healing process. Brenda found another job that supported her physical healing. Working with natural and alternative healers, Brenda worked on herself for nearly a decade just so she could feel better and heal herself. Into her healing journey, Brenda was diagnosed with breast cancer.

When that happened, Brenda couldn’t believe it because she thought she was doing all the right things. It felt so unfair to her that after all this time and dedication to healing that she was diagnosed with cancer. She surrendered her anger and was called to heal on a spiritual and emotional level. She knew she had to listen to her heart, but didn’t know how to do it. She now lives from a place of more joy and peace and takes care of herself in a more powerful and compassionate way. 


Brenda began to understand how we can transform our deepest challenges into opportunities to live an extraordinary life. She says to take responsibility for what’s happening in your life and use that as a way to empower you to create something totally different. Brenda challenges people to look at something from a place of curiosity and compassion instead of comparison and criticism, which creates two different outcomes.

If you’re being really hard on yourself with a critical thought process, shift that with curiosity. For example, “Oh, I can understand why I’m acting that way to this situation.” “Interesting, I wonder why I’m thinking this way. I wonder if there’s anything for me to learn here.”

When we are overly critical, it triggers emotions of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, fear, and worry, which drive our behaviors. If we get stuck in that, we will keep producing the same results in our lives. We then limit ourselves to live in a repetitive loop. Instead, we want to trigger emotions of love, peace, acceptance, and joy to trigger different behaviors. How we choose to think and feel is not outside of us. Listening to your body and heart can lead you to develop awareness to create action when you’re in a place of stress.

The mind is a wonderful servant but a horrible master. We think over 60,000 thoughts a day. When we learn how to access our heart’s intuition and connect our heart and our mind, we live more peaceful and balanced lives. Brenda talks references HeartMath throughout the interview. 

Brenda talks about the nine essentials to living a heart-centered life:

  1. Take responsibility
  2. Create a vision for your life
  3. Thoughts and beliefs
  4. Feel your feelings
  5. Eat, drink, detox
  6. Live to thrive
  7. Connection and relationships
  8. Self-love and self-care
  9. Trust and surrender

Connect with Brenda:

Brenda is offering a complimentary 45 min consult and they can redeem by going to her calendar link at: www.brendawalding.com or emailing her at risetoradiance@gmail.com

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