What’s it like owning a successful healthcare business? What’s it like creating a high quality experience for your patients AND your team? We were so thrilled to speak with Dr. Desiree Yazdan, D.D.S, M.S.. She owns a successful dental practice in Newport Beach, CA and not only owns her own practice, but she is highly involved in patient care, constantly striving to create a strong work culture and energized team, and enjoys helping other healthcare professionals to gain more patients through her online course, Grow With The Gram. Dr. Desiree talks the importance of work-life balance, finding the simple joys in life, and more. Here are the top takeaways from our conversation with Dr. Desiree:

“One thing I did that really helped me and that I would recommend to anybody who wants to own a business is to have this mindset: No matter how good you think you are at something, there’s always people better than you, people that know more. You’re never going to be the best because there’s always going to be someone more seasoned than you.” Dr. Desiree Yazdan, D.D.S, M.S.

Dr. Desiree has had a passion for dentistry since she was a child, so it’s no surprise she pursued a career around her passion. She knew early on in her career that she wanted to establish her own dental practice and worked hard to make it happen. Although she’s had her own practice for over five years, she reveals that she always seek to learn and grow from other dentists that have had practices for decades. She recognizes that the learning doesn’t stop once you have your own practice, but rather the learning has just begun. Dr. Desiree’s determination and continuous quest to learn has allowed her to be incredibly successful in all facets of her life, personally and professionally. If you’re determined to accomplish something, what are the commitments you must make in order for that to happen? What books do you need to read? What articles do you need to research? What people do you need to learn from? What lectures, workshops, or presentations do you need to attend? Always be thirsty to learn.


Dr. Desiree shares that patient care always come first. Like any excellent healthcare practice, this statement is first and foremost. Apart from providing the best patient care, Dr. Desiree talks about another important, overlooked factor for a thriving healthcare business- work culture. Dr. Desiree understands that establishing a culture at work shouldn’t be static and based on her own imposed needs; rather, she is intentional about establishing a work culture that meets the needs of her clinic. She talks about how laughter, joy, flexibility, and other important qualities go into creating a safe place for her team. Along with our own beliefs, Dr. Desiree believes that people should enjoy going to work. Every once in a while she’ll surprise her team too (can we all work for you!?) which adds even more to the importance of cultivating a strong and happy work community.


During the interview, we grew curious about how Dr. Desiree balances everything- a thriving practice, amazing patient care and work culture, a loving marriage, self-care time, and her involvement in her course creation to guide healthcare professionals to attract more patients to their practice via social media. Dr. Desiree shared her golden secret: be completely present wherever you are. If you’re at work, be fully committed to your work. If you’re with your family, focus on your time with them. Being busy entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how ‘busy’ is not an excuse to be overwhelmed and distracted. Dr. Desiree is a perfect example of someone that is putting effort into many areas of life but does not sacrifice quality and attention. Stringing together the little joys in life- from sitting outside on a sunny day to talking a walk with your loved ones- is what life is all about. We work hard, but for what? Dr. Desiree fully understands and expresses this sentiment during our interview. We work hard but we can also enjoy all that life has to give.

If you a healthcare professional that is looking to grow your practice and attract more clients via Instagram, you definitely want to connect with Dr. Desiree!

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