Addicted to drugs at the age of 13, Joe was selling cocaine by the time he was 21. Joe had a life of ups and downs, that isn’t until after having a massive panic attack when he was 38 did he find meditation. Joe knew that with mediation he would be able to escape the pain that had been leaving him an unfulfilled life and embrace of life with more fulfillment than ever before. Joe learned how by focusing on one’s thoughts, you can unlock the power that has been holding you back. He holds a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and has made it his life mission to inspire others that no matter what their backstory is, they too can become successful in life. Joe is also starting Spiraddict Warrior, a program to help recovering addicts maintain their sobriety through meditation and fitness. Here are three major takeaways from our conversation:

“As much as I would love to hate that incident in my life, I’m very grateful for that happening. That shocks a lot of people when I tell them that. They’re like, “Why would you be grateful for being arrested?” I tell them had I not been arrested, I would not be doing this interview right now. I would probably be dead in a grave somewhere. I was on a path of destruction daily.” – Joe Mintzer

Joe realized that he was hiding behind what he thought he needed to be, the ‘facade’ for so many years, which led him to his path of destruction. With a history of drugs and imprisonment, Joe could have let his story and past predict his future. Although Joe recognized that he couldn’t change his past, he had power and control of how he will move forward. He is using his story to connect with others that are going through the agonizing hardships of addictions to help them the way he was able to help himself. He is the perfect example of someone that is not becoming a prisoner or victim of his story. I believe in life that your story and your ‘hell’ so to speak can shape you, build your character, and teach you the lessons about yourself you were meant to learn in that specific way. Looking back at your past, what are you going to do NOW with your story? How can you help people that once looked like you to experience the other side


    Gratitude is the secret recipe for love in life. Gratitude is incompatible with negative emotions. Joe expresses gratitude for every bump on this road, for his present, and for the future he is building with Spiraddict Warrior. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, I encourage you to take a second in life and pause. What are you grateful for right now? Gratitude is meant to be expressed on a daily basis and not just during Thanksgiving. Gratitude brings this fresh perspective in your life- instead of focusing on the problems, anxiety, overwhelm, etc.- you are focusing on the good that already exists in your life.


    During our interview, Joe shares how meditation has made a significantly positive impact in his life. Meditation is something that I practice on a regular basis too, and I can speak from experience that meditation has completely changed how I live. Even before our interview, Joe admitted to me he did a quick 10 minute meditation before we began. When he discovered meditation, everything changed. For myself, I can say that meditation has grounded me, has allowed me to connect with my breathe and my body, calmed the racing thoughts in my mind, and has taught me patience, self-compassion, and forgiveness. Daily meditation practices have shaped how I respond to life’s daily stressors by allowing me to pause more instead of going to my usual knee-jerk reactions. Joe is developing the Spiraddict Warrior and is on a mission to create a safe place for others struggling with addictions through meditation, fitness, and more.  

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