Dr. Tom Davis, MD, FAAFP has seen the man behind the curtain. A doctor turned business consultant for major healthcare groups, he has witnessed firsthand through direct contact with healthcare executives and administrators how broken our healthcare system truly is as a direct result of it’s business focused, short term gain strategies. He developed the Clinicians Career Cooperative, a community which connects clinicians with mentors to find the career of their dreams in non clinical and non traditional roles.  He also has his own consulting firm where he assists patients by assisting their clinicians to do better.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Dr. Davis’ journey joining, owning, and selling a small speciality health group, his time in the corporate world as a business consultant in the healthcare industry, and how, in his first had experience, executives of health systems place far more emphasis on favor seeking and short term financial gains than healthcare excellence and worker well being.
  • How COVID-19 has exposed the failings of healthcare’s business focused strategy, and how the priority is not healthcare worker safety
  • How the system’s goals of maximizing stakeholder value vs the clinician’s goal of promoting patient health and well being directly conflict

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