Samantha Clarke is on a mission to empower managers and employees to have deeper conversations on career growth and work happiness. By providing one of a kind training and consulting, Samantha has achieved big results with clientele like Dishoom, Shopify, Innocent, Nespresso, Mediacom, Deutsche Telekom and more.

As a faculty lecturer at the School of Life and The Guardian, she facilitates workshops on finding your career potential, building portfolio careers, authentic leadership and managing stress.

Listen to her podcast “Love It or Leave It – How to be happy at work” where she talks with food and workplace designers, philosophers, communication experts, technologists, startup founders and more on how to have more conversations that spark career growth and happiness at work

In this episode we discuss:

  • Sam’s work in workplace happiness and culture, and how things like toxicity not feeling safe can be detrimental to any organization’s effectiveness.
  • Red flags of a toxic workplace
  • What you should do if you find yourself if a tricky work environment
  • Why leaving your current job isn’t always the best choice. 


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