Being fearless? Overrated.

Being courageous? That’s more like it!

Creative and passionate entrepreneur Michelle Poler delves into tapping into your full potential and how to face your fears courageously.

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My Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

-Michelle’s journey with fear, and how it crippled her ability to live her life and achieve her goals.

-Her decision to face her fears 100 days at time, launching her personal brand and professional life.

-Asking yourself “What’s the best that can happen?” instead of the worst. Imagining all the best case scenarios will allow you to face your fears and take action in your life. 

My Favorite Quotes From Michelle:

When you focus on the rewards instead of the risks, you have more chances of feeling motivated to actually go and face those fears, take action, take risks in life in general.”

And then that’s when I realized, there’s a difference between being happy and being comfortable. And if you want real happiness, you need to start asking yourself more questions. You need to start questioning what you thought happiness wasn’t what people told you happiness was.”

And so it was one day that I decided to switch the question around, and I asked myself: “What’s the best that can happen?” And when I did that, I was able to see all the possibilities that were hiding behind my fears.

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