Em is a travel nurse, entrepreneur, innovator, creative, environmentalist, and medical and outdoor influencer. Currently based out of Seattle, Washington, she is a multi-passionate woman currently working on launching 2 businesses, one in the outdoors/medical space, and one in the travel healthcare community space. Outside of her passion projects, she lives intentionally and mindfully. She fills her time in the outdoors as much as she can, especially in the mountains, backpacking and hiking. Em loves to challenge herself and cherishes every day to be a gift to do better for herself, the planet, and the world at large. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Em’s experience with travel nursing
  • Her advice to new grads interested in travel healthcare
  • Sustainability, climate anxiety, and planting the seeds of sustainability with others
  • Em’s personal sustainability practices including detergent, composting, and thrifting
  • The direct link between climate crises and public health and how healthcare providers can be pioneers in making a difference both educationally and in practice
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