Starting with a wildly popular Facebook group “Rehab Therapists For A Union”, Stacy (an OT) along with other colleagues created The American Therapy Alliance, whose vision is to become the prominent advocacy organization for therapists by empowering therapists to connect with unions and legal council, organize group communications with legislators, lead efforts to set acceptable standards within the healthcare community, and empower all therapists with the knowledge and ability to practice ethically. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • The transition of rehab as a health service and source of expertise to solely a revenue generator and with that, viewing rehab professionals as only as good as their productive time.
  • Burnout in rehab and how that has evolved with changes over the years
  • Their journey in creating a union and later a social advocacy group, and where they are today in that process. They are currently in talks with union reps and their legal team to decide how they can get their members unionized quickly. 
  • Fraud in rehab and how to combat it
  • How the education system (the costs and market saturation) has become part of the burnout problem

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