Angela Jia Kim is a former concert pianist-turned-founder of Savor Beauty, a natural skincare, facial spa, and self-care journal brand inspired by Korean beauty rituals. The award-winning serums, creams, cleansers, peels, and masks are made sustainably and ethically by women in the Hudson Valley. The products are delivered fresh to its three New York spas for Savor Spa’s signature specialty facials, which have been chosen by editors from Allure, Goop, and Elle as “Best of NY”. Savor Beauty partners exclusively with select spa partners with a special interest in women-owned spas and estheticians. Angela Jia Kim is mom to daughter Sienna and a mini golden, Zoe. They reside in New York City’s Upper West Side.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Dealing with the coronavirus, how it has affected her business, and how holding on to optimism and resilience facing these trying times can help you emerge stronger. 
  • How right now is an optimal moment to work on your inner self and start anew. 
  • Finding a silver lining – Looking for a better career path if you were laid off, optimizing your business so you can hire back workers, or beginning a hobby you’ve always been putting off. 
  • Skin care in the Korean culture and its ties to self care
  • If you are not on the front lines of the outbreak, utilizing your newfound free time to get to know yourself
  • Workaholism and its negative effects / feelings associated with it
  • Meditation and detaching from negative thoughts
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