Lindsay is a Spiritual Wellness & Mindset Coach. She helps soulpreneurs & spiritual boss babes develop their intuition, connect with their divine feminine & up-level their life. She is a lightworker, Reiki Master, intuitive healer, & she is a passionate Divine Feminine practitioner.  

Her comprehensive approach to spiritual connection includes coaching, mindset, lunar phases, embodiment, busting limiting beliefs, manifestation, EFT, NLP, crystal therapy, energy healing practices, meditation, rituals, & much more. Her work focuses on developing the intuition – she gives women an experience when they work with her, but she also provides them with the tools to continuously develop their intuition & use their skills daily. She works with women on connecting to their Divine Feminine – that soft, feeling, juicy feminine aspect. She teaches an opening to our divine magnetic nature as women, a willingness to receive.

She is committed to up-levels and elevating your vibration. Her results include increased happiness, self love, abundance, and a more fulfilling life. She was called to this work because she’s spent years healing her own self. In healing her own life she found that she longed to share this great work. She is passionate about helping women become the conscious creators of a life they truly desire.

Here are takeaways from our conversation:


Lindsay is thrilled that ‘getting woke’ is becoming mainstream. Being woke helps you to get in alignment and be more fulfilled. Coming into your spirituality doesn’t have to be woo-woo. Lindsay talks about releasing and shifting things that perhaps became laws in our lives from childhood and stepping into the power you have as a conscious creator.

Lindsay did not come from a spiritual background. Growing up in a Roman-Catholic household in a Mexican-American family, Lindsay felt like the black sheep in her family and community. Lindsay describes her family as a broken family- her parents had a messy divorce and went through group therapy. Finding spirituality down the road supported Lindsay and was interested in growing herself in that way. She didn’t align with guilt-based and fear-based methods, but sought to look inward to truly connect with herself.

Her personal interests in spirituality led her to the work she is involved in now as a Reiki healer and spiritual wellness and mindset coach and began giving other people the tools that helped her during those dark times.



When you’re young and you have an experience where you parents are stressed out about money and fighting about money, you might create a limiting belief in your subconscious that money is difficult, it causes problems, and ruins relationships. That experience settles into a belief system that governs decisions in your adult life. In this case, you may not want money but know you need it to survive, so you develop this negative relationship with money.

Lindsay breaks down steps you can practice to work through your limiting beliefs. The first one is identification because you want to call those beliefs into conscious awareness. How can you find out what these are? If you’re having a burst of inspiration or creativity in one area of your life, do you find that there is a thought or set of thoughts holding you back that pop up automatically? The thoughts that shrink you back from the things you desire can be limiting beliefs.

If your friend gets a raise and she shares that with you, how do you react? Let’s say your happy for her, but then you think to yourself “I don’t deserve a raise.” That’s an example of limiting belief you may have around money and your self-worth. Examine that, pull that apart, and turn that inward and tell yourself, “I am worthy. I am worthy of a raise.” Think about what you can do to help you get to that destination of asking for a raise instead of shrinking back and remaining stuck in that limiting belief.


Not only can limiting beliefs hold you back, but you may unknowingly be projecting your limiting beliefs onto others. Rule of thumb- you really want to think about who you’re sharing your goals with and who you’re receiving feedback from. If you’re talking to you someone about new ideas to your parents for example about pursuing a non-clinical side hustle, your parents may react from a fear-based place because working in clinical care is portrayed as safe and secure, whereas anything creative or artistic or different can be viewed as risky and an unstable career choice.

Before you share something with someone, ask yourself if you think that person would be able to give you constructive feedback. Are they in your field? Are you open-minded? You want to make sure you’re consulting with someone who can point you in the right direction and give you some benefit in the conversation. If you have a friend or family member you want to share something new and exciting with but you’re nervous they’re going to shoot down your idea or judge you, you can open the conversation by adding a disclaimer: “I’m going to share something with you. It’s a little scary to me, I’m going to ask you take a deep breath and get excited with me.”

Sometimes, it may be best to hold off sharing your news if it’s a big leap or something where it may draw fear-based reactions from those people until you are ready to share. Keep in mind that their feedback is uniquely their perspective, their fear-based reactions, and their point of view and does not reflect the true reality of the situation.

If you’re not adding, if you’re not supporting, I don’t need your additional fear.

Lindsay Schroeder


Manifestation is something we’re doing all the time. As a lot of things become popular in our mainstream culture about manifestation, it’s nothing new. You’re constantly creating your reality- what you believe in is something you are constantly collecting support for, and most often this is something you are not consciously aware of.  Your thoughts and beliefs are determining the world around you. How you interpret the world can be totally different than someone else’s even if you both underwent the same experience.

Lindsay shares if we’re already manifesting all the time anyway, why not make that intentional? Then you can start to tweek, adjust, and create what you desire. You have the power to change that, so Lindsay encourages you to utilize that. How do you start to cultivate an intentional life? That can look like:

  • Setting intentions
  • Finding or creating affirmations
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Recording

However you want to go about it, support more of the things you do want and less of the things you don’t want. You can begin by watching your language- for example, if you say things like “I never win this” or “This always happen to me”– you are essentially inviting more and more of that to enter your life.

Instead, you can shift that around, even if it hasn’t happened yet. For example, you can say things like “The right opportunities are coming to me” or “I am going to become an excellent public speaker”  are ways you can use language to set intentions for what you want and for what you don’t want.



Lindsay shares an example of her friend manifesting free french fries at a restaurant. Whether it’s french fries, a parking spot, or your dream house, you can create intentions around those things. If you want to practice manifestation, it’s important that you first set intentions around what it is you are creating. Next comes belief- you must believe you can have it and that you are capable of having it. You must believe you are worth having it, which can involve deep limiting belief work that you may need to uncover before you can move on.

Up next is feeling- you must feel and visualize yourself with whatever it is you are creating. Smell, taste, see, hear, feel it. Your brain actually can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is created in your mind. Lastly, you must act. You can’t just sit in meditation and wait for it to happen. You must take spiritually-aligned action towards your goals. If you are manifesting a new job, what aligned actions can you take that will help get you there? That may look like having a greater presence on LinkedIn.

On top of everything, the last ingredient is gratitude. Adding in gratitude for what you have now and for the things you are manifesting even if they are not here yet will get you there faster.


If you’re constantly focusing on getting, chasing, and wanting, that thing you’re manifesting will always be in that state of getting, chasing, and wanting. That’s why it’s important for Lindsay to work with her clients in the present or past when it comes to manifesting things as if they are already truly here. That’s how you break the threshold from wanting and lacking to having and owning.

Whatever you want to call it- because manifestation and visualization has been used by Olympic athletes before it was cool to manifest, Lindsay defines it as allowing the mind to expand to a vibrational state of being somewhere where you aren’t currently and you’re shifting reality. That sends a message to the universe or whatever higher power you believe in that your energetic vibration is at one place, and therefore the physical reality must be brought up to match your state.


Lindsay shares this chart to explain the continuum of vibrations:

chart of vibration

Essentially, there are two ways in which you can live your life: you can live your life as if everything is happening to you or everything is happening for you. When things are happening for you, there is a lesson there for you that can help take you to the next step and move you forward. If you come from a place that things are happening to you, you may not be able to achieve the higher level vibrations because you carry a victim mindset. Coming from a place of everything is happening for you empowers you to take those experiences whether good or bad and can stay in a higher vibration state- a state of love, bliss, and joy.

What we resist persists. If you experience something that causes anger or sadness and you’re trying to shove that away from you for the sake up maintaining a high vibrational state, you’re actually not dealing with your emotions and they may keep coming up stronger and stronger. Focus on feeling your feelings, but learn how to release them. Sometimes we hold onto anger for comfort instead of letting us flow through us. Lindsay likes to clear these feelings from the physical body. Breathing techniques, dancing, shaking, palo santo, sage, etc. can help you to release that emotion from your space.

After a difficult situation, it may be challenging to find gratitude, but Lindsay explains how finding gratitude in dark times created a huge shift in the situation. An example can be maybe you’re stuck in a job that you hate. Instead of thinking “OMG, I hate my job, get me out of here” you can shift that thinking towards “I’m grateful for this position as I’m looking for the next position“I’m grateful for the sunshine off my office-” whatever little thing you can find that you can be grateful for will then help you to experience more gratitude which will call the next thing for you. Even in the most annoying situations like getting a parking ticket, experiencing the anger and then finding something about the situation to be grateful for and to learn from moving forward. Of course, not every message from the universe is something you’ll love, but something you need to learn.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. In the midst of the things that happen in life, keeping your peace as much as you can or returning to your peace faster than previously, keeping your calm or not dipping as low, and keeping your vibration high, calls so many wonderful things to you.


EFT works with your pressure points in your body; it’s like acupressure but without needles. You partner that with specific languaging pattern that allows you to get into the subconscious that removes what you don’t desire and replaces it with what you do desire. This practice acknowledges the negative and acknowledges the place where you are and don’t want to be. This allows you to start with the things in your life that you are not happy about. As you continue the practice, you shift your language gradually into imprinting things in your subconscious that you actually want. Here’s an example:

“Even though [this problem] is here, I allow myself to go into this deep, dark state. I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

“Maybe [this problem] could be different. Maybe I can open my mind to a new way of thinking.”

“When negative things happen to me, I take a deep breathe, I pause, and I allow myself to see the lesson. I shift from low to high vibrations with grace.”

The phrases are coupled with you tapping on certain points on your body.


Lindsay reveals that this is a great skillset she uses to work with clients that can be done anywhere. You can do the full practice at home or grade it down to taking parts of it and using what you need if you’re at work, on the subway, etc.


If you want to start somewhere with these spiritual practices, you can begin with the micro and initiate a self practice. Five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night that allows you to turn inward is a great place to start. That can look like sitting in gratitude, repeating one affirmation, meditating etc.

On the marco sense, work with a mentor. Allow someone to hold space for you and to direct you based on your energy. Lindsay is an example of someone you can work with- she offers 90 minute calls where she wants clients to give her everything and lay it all on the table so she can read your energy and unearth your limiting beliefs. She works with people to offer them customized practices, including EFT scripts, journal prompts, etc. to get you to a place of a higher vibration and use your inner peace to guide you and uplevel. You don’t have to hit rock bottom to explore your spirituality and cultivate an intentional life that works FOR you.

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