Coming from a corporate finance background with experience being a member of the executive leadership team for a large billion dollar organization, Raana never thought she’d do anything outside of her CFO role. Being on the go-go-go, she had a moment where of realization, where she released her tension and brought ease and flow into her life. Over the years, Raana discovered and implemented manifestation, meditation, and mindfulness techniques in her life and witnessed the huge difference it made on her day. From manifesting losing her corporate job to writing a book that was selected to be a part of a business school course in Suffolk University in Boston titled Your Hidden Light and more, Raana offers a ton of valuable tips and concepts in this interview that you can apply to your everyday life to go from reacting to creating the life you desire to live. Here are the biggest takeaways from our chat:

Once you bring awareness and ask yourself: ‘how am I feeling in this moment?’ You can now ask yourself: ‘Can I act differently to get a different outcome?’ ...By shifting things within yourself, you’re able to shift things outside of yourself.

Raana Zia

Raana breaks down the four principles from her book on how to start off your morning right. The first is setting an intention. How do you want your day to go? Start with a simple intention and make it believable for yourself. For example, you can say “My day will be productive at work.” Will it always be as you say? Most likely not. However, it’s the intention you set that gives you some ownership of your day, rather than allowing your day to just happen to you. Raana shares that YOU get to create your reality, which requires intention. Instead of reacting to life, create your path.

Second is gratitude. Gratitude and negative feelings do not mix. Gratitude brings you with this high vibrating and expanding energy, and it’s one of the easiest ways to feel good. Get out of the stress and strain cycle by switching those thoughts into things you are grateful for. Third, practice detachment. After you’ve set your intention and thought or wrote  down your grateful thoughts, detach from outcomes and let it go. You can control your effort, but you can’t always control the outcome. This frees up your energy for the things that matter. Lastly, take action. Align your behaviors with your intentions. Do your actions align with your goals?


Having a big work interview or presentation coming up? Sit quietly before you go in, take deep belly breaths, and focus on what you want out of that event. The practice in the first point above aren’t reserved for when you are in your living room, with your scented candles and yoga mat. This is a tool in your invisible toolkit that you can apply to real life scenarios. For a work presentation, here’s how it’ll look like:

  • Intention: I want to have fun in my presentation and educate my audience.
  • Gratitude: I am grateful that I get to present this new research to my team.
  • Detachment: If I let go of being perfect at the end of presentation. All I do is focus on being myself and teaching what I know, even if I mess up.
  • Action: I am going to speak slowly and have my notecards with me. I have rehearsed this before and I am ready.


It’s easy to blame others around you for how you feel at work. If you work with a team that’s constantly perpetuating negative beliefs like it’s their job, then it’s easy for you to absorb that energy, even unknowingly. If you’re not happy at work because you feel this energy drainage, bring a gratitude practice to the workplace. A great idea is starting off every meeting by having each employee share things they are grateful for in life, including at work. There can be a gratitude board at work, where employees take turns writing empowering statements. When you focus your energy on something, you can be intentional about nurturing whatever that is.

If you focus on revitalizing your team, your energy and attention will go into showing appreciation for the hard work your team does. Think about how your actions can be contagious (in a positive way!) and how you can role model for your team. Even if you know that you have to get another job somewhere else because there is no longer a fit between you and that setting, you can still approach your day with your meaningful intentions until the right opportunity comes your way.

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