We were made to MOVE. I got to chat with Jen Esquer PT, DPT about her story and inspiration behind her passion to help people move better. She shares her mission to heal the world through empowering you to learn how to heal yourself. Jen goes into how we are so disconnected nowadays to our bodies, which led her to create programs that incorporated body and gratitude. Jen talks about the time she started crying at the doctor’s office because her doctor took the time to explain to her what was really going on with her health. Jen believes in not just providing people with knowledge and exercises, but empowering people with the WHY. Jen also goes into how she never thought about entrepreneurship at first but is now helping and reaching people through her online platforms and programs. Jen gives golden nuggets throughout the entire episode so listen up! Here are some big takeaways from our conversation:

“…That was such a powerful moment for me, because I then am able to take this into the clinic with any patient that I work with. If they don’t feel within their bodies why this is important, then why would they continue to do it?” – Jen Esquer, PT, DPT


When you observe a small move around, they are demonstrating their full range of motion. They are squatting to the floor, reaching, playing. As adults, our world are adjusted so that we are not experiencing our full range of motions. We sit in upright chairs, toilets, and desks. Unless we actively make an effort to do differently, we hardly get the opportunities in our environment to go through our full range of motion. Jen and I share a few similarities, including the love of movement. How can we reach feel our best if we’re not moving our best? We’re moving a lot less than our early ancestors did, and we’re paying the price.


Jen’s philosophy focuses on empowering people to understand WHY they need to move instead of just giving people vague exercise routines.  Jen shares a story about her experience at the optometrist’s office about her dry, painful eye condition at the time. She was prescribed eye drops and was told they would make her better without any further explanation. The eye drops did not help her eye condition; in fact, it made her feel worse. She went to another doctor that sat down with her, explained to her what was going on with her eyes, and overall took the time to explain to Jen why she was in pain. Jen shared that this experience proved to be an emotional one because she was not being seen as just another patient with a problem, but as human. I share a similar story, in that I was prescribed anti-anxiety medications at my primary care physician’s office without a full explanation about the medication or even referring me to seek a psychologist or other mental health specialist for that matter. I felt rushed and just like a number.

As a healthcare professional, it is vital to ourselves as professionals but also to our patients to practice what we preach. How can we be effective in helping others and give them the proper care they deserve if we’re not being honest with them or with ourselves? We’re not just doing a job. We are building relationships and caring for people’s lives. We aren’t there to just prescribe a medication or to administer a medication. We aren’t just there to do therapeutic exercises or activities with a person. Our patients need to know WHY. Likewise, if you’re not taking the time to care for your own body, mind, and soul, why should your patients do the same?


Jen began taking her passion for helping people move better from the traditional clinical setting to the online space. Speaking from my own experience, the online world is an intimidating place. When Jen was first getting started, she knew she needed to ask for help and support. I love that Jen shared this because so many times we think we need to do everything ourselves. Winners don’t get to the top by themselves. Don’t be afraid to go out there and do something new. Get the mentorship, guidance, and support you need to get there.

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