Monique Doughty or “Nurse Mo” revealed her golden nuggets of wisdom about resilience, alignment, purpose, and so much more. Monique’s authentic spirit and truth came across in our entire conversation. At the beginning of her mission in launching The Resilient Nurse in 2014, she aimed to be a voice for women of color in healthcare to learn how to live a fulfilling life outside of work. She uses her incredible online and offline platforms to reach nurses, nursing students, and even non-nurses of all colors and backgrounds to form collaboration over competition. Monique shared her biggest tool for success when it comes to connecting with people and really making a difference. Monique shares how she is manifesting a path of business and global travels, what keeps her grounded, and how setting her own boundaries have helped other people to level up. If you haven’t listened to the episode yet, listen now! Here are some takeaways from her interview:


Being the creator of the Resilient Nurse brand, I had to ask Monique to share her take on resilience with me. At first she was thinking of launching a scrub line and having resilient fabric to withstand anything. She learned that people were more interested in her than her product. She embraced the essence of the resiliency, which is to get back up and keep going despite your adversities. Monique shares: “Resilience is the ability to come back better than you started, better than you ever were before. It doesn’t mean being perfect. It doesn’t mean never failing. It doesn’t mean never having any obstacles. What resilience means is being able to overcome obstacles and come back stronger, smarter and more balanced than you were before.”


A valuable lesson here was a message Monique shared with from a book she read. The stages of grounding, rooting, and blooming. To respect yourself and become synced with what your soul needs, recognize there are different seasons in your life. What is your purpose? How can you align your actions in life with that purpose? Energy goes where intention flows. Monique shares how finding this soul-alignment has been the place where she can truly flourish and show up as the best version of herself.


During one of her speeches, she threw away her speech before going on stage and wrote a note to herself “the truth is enough.” She then proceeded to ask her audience what they wanted to hear. Monique has recognized that it’s not about her, it’s about the audience. This is SUCH an important lesson for anyone wanting to improve their communication skills. The key to efficient communication, whether it’s between a nurse and patient or speaker and audience is listening. Most often, effective communication is about highlighting the other person and being interested versus trying to be interesting. Monique gets that and I believe that’s what has helped her reach so many people.

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