The need to take care of our physical and mental health at work is felt across the board. The pandemic COVID-19 has quickly spread across the world and is impacting the United States.

Healthcare professionals are being impacted by this in one way or another. Some healthcare professionals are on the ‘front-lines’ so to speak, whereas other healthcare professionals must continue to work with patients and take proper precautions to deal with the fears and concerns of their patients.

We gathered the thoughts, fears, and words of encouragement of some of the healthcare workers in the #JETCommunity and integrated that with the latest guidelines from the CDC and other eeputable sources in this article: Processing COVID-19: Thoughts and Guidance for Healthcare Workers.

As a young and small company, we have a mission to serve you and provide you with wellness resources. We especially want to support you during this time and aim to contribute to your well-being.

Read our company statement here.

COVID-19 healthcare workers burnout stress occupational therapy patient break cards


To add some relief and calm during your day at work, we created free Patient Break Cards! The white set is printer-friendly. Here is how you can use them:

– Share them with your team by sending it to them via email or printing them out

– Save them on your phone and set alarms to take a break

– Set one as a screen savor and change them up each day

– Invite your coworkers/supervisor to join you in taking a break

#SpreadBrightness COVID-19 healthcare workers joy energy time burnout stress

Join our campaign and #SpreadBrightness! Follow the steps listed in the picture above. You can #SpreadBrightness by taking care of your mental and physical health, being awesome towards other, and spreading cheer during the darkest of times.

We are honored to play a role during this time in this extraordinary part in your life. We can’t wait to see your posts! Keep spreading the brightness during this darkness. The world needs it. We are all in this together.

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This is a stressful time full of uncertainties. Your priority is taking care of your physical and mental health and making sure that your patients and loved ones are safe.

We want to make this time easier for you, which is why we are giving you a free month inside the Joy Energy Time Club. Share this with your healthcare friends, coworkers, supervisor, former classmates so you can be well and receive support together!

We have exclusive interviews, content, articles, guides, and more to shape your personal and professional well-being to manage the difficulties brought on by burnout and work stress.

We have been and will be always here for you. Let’s be here for each other and help each other be our #MostLitUpSelves.

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