A Message to our Healthcare Community:

The reason why we started this annual campaign is because we are so inspired by fellow healthcare professionals. As an occupational therapy/physical therapy team, we have so much admiration for people in this industry. Healthcare workers are special- we are selfless, courageous, caring, resilient, bright, and altruistic.

We want to dedicate this 50 Inspiring Healthcare Professionals Campaign to each and every healthcare professional out there. In an overwhelming sea of hopelessness and fear that swept over the entire world, healthcare professionals around the world continued to show up to work and save lives while putting their own lives at risk.

This pandemic has taken the lives of many healthcare professionals treating patients with COVID-19. We know there are hundreds and thousands of healthcare professionals that have made their voices heard through social media and in their communities, showing the world the surreal conditions they have had to work in with the life-and-death decisions they’ve been faced with. Some people were able to make the transition to telehealth and telemedicine, but not everyone was able to do so.

We know just as many healthcare professionals that work in specialty areas and in various settings that have been furloughed or have completely lost their jobs. Front-lines and side-lines through this battle against COVID-19, we see you. You are doing your part. We know the devastation and chaos that has ensued and touched just about every healthcare professional’s life. Whatever your role is, you matter.

This process has revealed ugly, unfortunate truths about our US healthcare system. We have been following the campaigns= #PatientsOverProfits, #PhysicianBurnoutCrisis, #GetMePPE, #N95orBUST, and so many more. We’d like to thank each and every healthcare worker for advocating for what is right, even if it meant walking out of your job. You entered healthcare to care for others and save lives, but not at the cost of losing your own life. We know the importance of not staying silent and standing up against injustice, which was the catalyst that inspired us to start Joy Energy Time in the first place.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge the healthcare professionals that have lost their lives. We also take this opportunity to appreciate the healthcare community- you are amazing and the world can never thank you enough.

In Memoriam: Healthcare Workers Who Have Died of COVID-19

Hundreds of front-line healthcare workers throughout the world have lost their lives to COVID-19. Medscape wants to make sure they are not forgotten.

Posthumous Recognition

The following physicians and nurses were some of the first healthcare workers to die in the country and in their regions.

Dr. Frank Garbin was the first emergency physician in the US to die from COVID-19. 

Nurse Judy Wilson-Griffin was first COVID-19 death in St. Louis region.

Kious Kelly was the first known New York City nurse to die of COVID-19.

Dr. Alex Hsu was the first medical professional to die from COVID-19 in South Florida.

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Advocates Through Social Media

We would like to give the spotlight to a few healthcare professionals and public healthcare figures for their efforts in providing public health education, advocating for science-based initiatives, speaking out against unjust working conditions, and spreading light and humor in dark times. We know there are so many more healthcare professionals doing this incredible work, and we appreciate all of you!

Dr. Alok Petal | Dr. Mike Varshavski | Nurse Sarah | Dr. Danielle Belardo | Med student Xtna | Dr. Jason Campbell | Dr. Jay Mohan | Stephen Benton PA-C

Helping Front-Line Workers

The following organizations have dedicated their efforts to help frontline workers during the pandemic. We thank you!