Bash the Burnout

For Healthcare Professionals

A Joy Energy Time CEU

About this course

This flagship CEU was created as the healthcare industry’s best and most comprehensive resource for burnout prevention in healthcare providers.

It encompasses multiple topics from many different professionals outlined below.

This course is approved for the following professions and states:

Florida: OT and COTA - 7 hours

The Facts: An Industry in Crisis

Just Google “burnout in healthcare”. Its astounding the statistics you’ll find.

  • The healthcare industry ranks worldwide among the highest in stress and burnout on the job
  • 50% of US physicians experience symptoms of professional burnout
  • Nearly half of all HCPs plan to leave their job in the next 2 years
  • High emotional exhaustion in HCPs = higher patient mortality, increased medical errors
  • Skilled worker turnover rates 4x that of other industries and worsening
  • Major cost (hundreds of millions $$$) as a result of HCP turnover
  • Low employee satisfaction = Unhappy (and unhealthy) patients

What does this program include?

  • Module 1 - Introduction, Proper Goal Setting, How to Make the Most Out of This Course
  • Module 2 - Statistics, The Facts, The Science of Burnout and its Effect on the Healthcare Workforce
  • Module 3 - Evidence Based Practices for Developing Adaptive Responses to Stress, Neurophysiology, Resilience, Happiness
  • Module 4 - Nutrition for Energy, Chronorhythm, Energy at Work
  • Module 5 - Statistics, Understanding the Hidden Costs of Turnover, Engagement and Productivity, USA vs The World, Mayo Clinic Program on Physician Well-Being,
  • Module 6 - Workload, Flexibility, Leadership, Culture, Non-HC Industry Examples, Work-Life Integration, Rewards, Effective Advocacy, Jumping Ship - When to Quit Your Job
  • Module 7 - Bonuses!!! Perspective.
  • Bash the Burnout Toolkit: Including the Bash the Burnout WORBOOK to create your personalized burnout prevention plan with a schedule to guide you along the way
  • Access to the exclusive Bash the Burnout Social Community

This program is perfect if you:

  • Are a physician, nurse, PT, OT, or other healthcare provider who is suffering from the effects of burnout.
  • Are losing the ability to empathize, and becoming cynical towards your patients, employer, or profession as a whole.
  • Constantly take work home, or stay late to finish the job. You struggle to balance unrealistic productivity standards with effective patient care.
  • Come home from work physically and mentally exhausted, dreading the next time you have to go back.

And you want to:

  • Regain empathy for your patients, and passion for what you do.
  • Take back your time off, and return to work recharged and energized.
  • Learn how to implement adaptive coping strategies to manage work stressors effectively
  • Speak up for yourself and your coworkers, and advocate for positive changes in the workplace to enhance well-being

Meet The Contributors

Module 1-4

Erika del Pozo MOT, OTR/L

Co-Founder and CEO of Joy Energy Time, LLC

Nova Southeastern University OT Adjunct Professor

Public Speaker

Host of The Burnt Out to Lit Up Podcast

Module 4

Special Guest Contributor Registered Dietitian

Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RDN

Founder of Essence Nutrition, LLC

Dietitian to the Miami Marlins

Dietitian Consultant for Del Monte Fresh Produce

Dietitian Consultant for Ocean Reef Resort and Club and Soho Beach House

University of Miami Adjunct Professor

Module 5-6

Dr. Michael T Frasso PT, DPT

Co-Founder and CFO of Joy Energy Time, LLC

Outpatient Clinic Manager

Public Speaker