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Joy Energy Time provides a platform to put your wellness tips and advice in front of an audience of thousands of healthcare professionals. In your guest post, we link to your website and social networks so that our readers can easily find and follow your blog, helping to grow your following and connecting you with our audience. Your holistic wellness or healthcare-related piece will also inspire wellness in healthcare, giving others the tools and resources they need to live their most thriving lives in and out of work!

Please note this submission form is for healthcare professional writers from our community to submit holistic wellness and healthcare-related articles. If you are a brand interested in getting exposure on our platform or social media, please visit our Brand Partner page and contact info@joyenergytime.com

Tips before submitting:

  • Before sending us your story, be sure to read our Contributor Kit by clicking the ‘learn more’ button on top of the page.
  • Please read an article on how to write a blog post, such as this one.
  • Do NOT send us a vague email that you would like to write for us. Send us your piece and share with us your name, credentials, social media handles, and website.
  • We are interested in more factual posts versus personal/diary-type posts (but still accept those as well). For example, “Five Things You Didn’t Know about OT” or “My Ten Wellness Tips as a Busy Physician Assistant”
  • By submitting your article and photos you are not considered an employee of Joy Energy Time and should not represent yourself as such. You retain all rights to your media.
  • Joy Energy Time does not pay for contributor posts.
  • We reserve the right to make edits to your article and / or to remove your article from our site at a future date should we see a reason to do so without notification.

Joy Energy Time is a holistic wellness media and events company and healthcare professionals community. All the content on the blog is written by the Joy Energy Time Team  and our healthcare professional contributors from the community. The purpose of our blog is to give healthcare professionals a place to share their holistic wellness tips and advice as a healthcare professional to inspire the healthcare community. We do not charge contributors to be featured on our blog and social media; however, we do charge a fee for brand promotions and link adds into existing articles. If you represent a brand or are submitting an article specifically promoting a brand that you are affiliated with, please email info@joyenergytime.com to discuss pricing before submitting your pitch.

Email us at info@joyenergytime.com with your piece.

Ok I submitted, now what?

If your piece is chosen, you will be notified via email with further details along with a contract. If your piece is not selected, we will let you know via email as well, but we will not be able to provide you with specific feedback on why your pitch was not chosen. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

We thank you for being a part of our healthcare community!