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This club is a members-only space for healthcare professionals that prioritize wellness, community, personal growth, and work well-being. Read the stories of our #MostLitUpTeam.

A COVID-19 Update:

We have made some changes to be of the highest service to our healthcare community. Our doors are always open, and now in light of the most recent events, we have made your first full month of the club free.

We have donated $50 to this fundaiser: A Million Masks: Coronavirus Support Fund. From now until May, we are also donating $1 for every new member that joins our club to that fundraiser or other fundraisers that involve acquiring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers at the front-lines of COVID-19.

A Club Where You Belong

Weekly Content

Original posts, resources, and content exclusive to the club. From downloads to interactive webinars in neatly categorized files, we're bringing it all here. When it comes to navigating a thriving life and career in healthcare, we are here for you.


Build relationships, engage in stimulating conversations, and get your questions answered that go deeper than any Instagram post or Facebook group. This is a supportive community of other changemakers that's got your back.

Inspired Action

Beyond resources and conversations, this is the start of a movement in growing ourselves and reshaping this broken healthcare system. Become a pioneer in innovating a system from the bottom-up with us.

What Club Members are Experiencing

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This May Be For You if You:

  • Want to better manage your work stressors
  • Have experienced burnout (exhaustion, cynicism, decreased self-efficacy)
  • Feel overwhelmed by work and life responsibilities
  • Desire to expand your holistic wellness practices
  • Want to make changes to your habits and routines for a more joyful and energized life
  • Want to connect with others that are going through similar challenges and that get you
  • Want to join a movement to rebuild a better workplace and culture in healthcare

This May Not Be For You If You:

  • Don’t have an overwhelming desire to improve your wellness practices
  • You’re OK with how you manage work and life stressors
  • You believe the healthcare industry doesn’t need to change/improve
  • You have experienced burnout and it had little effect on your well-being OR you’re still burned out and it’s not really affecting your quality of life
  • Are comfortable with your current lifestyle, habits, and routines

Real Feedback from our Club Members

In this collaborative club, we focus on growing ourselves and learning from each other. We aim to rebuild a new culture of inclusion, progress, and well-being in healthcare.

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When You Become A Member, You'll Get To:

  • Create your own profile and easily connect with other club members
  • Have unlimited free access to our Wholistic Webinar Series as they become available as well as the archive
  • Access weekly resources and content, including exercises, affirmations, prompts, and unlimited access to our library
  • Have members-only discounts and VIP early access to upcoming courses, events, retreats, and products

We Aorta Tell You That You Belong Here.

All puns aside, we wholeheartedly focus on empowering you as a person and healthcare professional. 

We are a diverse group of healthcare professionals coming from different professions and have varying years of experience under our belts. What you’ll gain from this club will be unique, and your presence in the club will be invaluable.

With your Joy Energy Time Club membership, you will gain the tools and resources in order to rise ABOVE mediocrity and THRIVE in and out of your career all while having a supportive community right behind you. Learn about #MostLitUpTeam and read their stories.

“Joy Energy Time has brought the LIGHT back into healthcare. It is bringing a community of change together all while focusing on our well-being to put our best foot forward!”

-Danielle N., DPT

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Have Questions? We've got answers. Check out our FAQ down below!

Answered by Erika del Pozo, MOT, OTR/L founder of Joy Energy Time

The club is more than a discussion group- it’s a one-stop shop where you can access exclusive content and resources and also belong to a supportive community and growing movement in healthcare. Facebook is messy and I can’t stand it. I’ve had a lot of experience with Facebook groups in the past when I was a fitness coach. A high-quality community is tarnished by all the distractions on Facebook. In order to access a group, you have to sift through all the crap on Facebook- that doesn’t feel special to me. The groups are always overcrowded, posts and content gets swallowed and lost, and there’s no skin in the game.

Apart from being in this app called Mighty Networks and having a platform to connect, this is where you’ll have a library of content you can easily access that will help cultivate positive psychological resources, manage stress, prevent and manage burnout, and grow in your confidence. This app is organized with categories where you can easily find exclusive guides and access recordings of our holistic webinar series, which is included in your membership. Every month or every-other month we’ll have a special guest or myself offering an in-depth webinar on a topic relevant to personal and professional growth. Being a club member means you will also be an INSIDER of this movement we’re creating together to grow ourselves while creating a better culture in healthcare.

Each month we will bring in a special guest or myself to lead a webinar in the holistic webinar series in a particular topic in holistic wellness and personal and professional development. These webinars will go in depth and will be action-based, and it’s important for me to bring leaders from different backgrounds so members can be exposed to different things. These webinars will be live and you can also access the recording in the club library.

As far as who is posting regular scheduled content, it will be ME! The beauty of this is that this club is a community, meaning we ALL play a role in contributing to the club. So it’s just like another replica of Instagram where I post and you like; rather, this is a place where we can ALL share, and ALL grow. We can all share resources and content that will enhance our lives. We get to co-create the club together- how cool is that?!

We will have monthly themes and create content around that; but course, conversations to be had in the club, and anything you want to share doesn’t have to be a part of theme.

This club is not public, so the only people that can view anything from in the club are members. We have strict guidelines because it’s crucial people follow the guidelines in order for the club to be a safe and thriving community. This is a safe space and we will do everything to make sure it stays that way. This isn’t like a Facebook group where you don’t know who’s in it and who’s lurking. We have a policy in our guidelines to abide by HIPAA so there will be no sharing of patient information allowed.

Regular scheduled content will be posted M-F, with guides, webinars, and other postings happening on top of the regular content.

So in your profile that you make on the app you can add your location and you can find people in your location and direct message them in the app. As far as in person, we work with our ambassadors to host #healthcarehangouts so if that’s something you’re interested in and want to become an ambassador, let me know! We are currently not going to host anymore for the year, but this is something we plan on starting up again next year.

YES! So much yes. This club is exactly for that- and there will be a lot of it. This is apart of the meat and potatoes of the club is the special content I’m creating. Guides, prompts, scripts, strategies, act-firmations which I made up which combines action with affirmation- so everything you’ll have you’ll be able to download and use.

There is a conversation thread so you can initiate a conversation at anytime- you can comment on the content I post, I can comment on what you post, we can direct message each other within the app, so it’s all really easy to communicate.

We absolutely can- the power of this community is that we can create something together. Grow yourself, transform together. With that being said, I’m SO eager to see what we can create together to transform the industry and get involved with higher level action.

Great idea! As a community, we have the opportunity to naturally develop  mentor-and-mentee relationships to  support one another. I’m interested to see how a more formal mentorship would look like in the club and I’m 100% open to it.

We have to respect each other in this club regardless if our viewpoints differ. We can have open discussions about what is contributing to our stress now, whether healthcare related or not. This is a club where we can help each other. The intention of the club is to be a safe, high-quality space. I trust that if you’re a member, you are not going to spam the club or insult one another because you have a different view point. If something isn’t appropriate based on our guidelines, we’ll have to address the issue with the person directly and further action may be necessary.

This club can be accessed on your computer or through the Mighty Networks app on your phone. There is no requirement for participation and you can access the club as much as you need to. Whether that’s once a week or five times a day, we are here for you.

YES! The app is so nicely organized. You can quickly skim through the conversation threads or if you want to just access downloads, you can. The cheat sheets, prompts, scripts, etc. that will be created are in separate files within the app in the form of PNGs or PDFs that you can save on your phone or computer.