Healthcare Challenge 2018!!

Healthcare Challenge 2018!! We got a challenge on our hands!! Are you in for the 5 day healthcare challenge starting Monday?! Show us you’re participating on Instagram that you’re in by using the #HealthcareChallenge2018 in your Insta-stories and your posts! What is the Challenge? As healthcare professionals, we are susceptible Read more…

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Why Mondays Don’t Suck

Mondays, you’ve been on my not my favorite list for so many years. After a fun, relaxing (or whatever type of weekend you had), getting back to the routine can make some people have legit Sunday night anxiety. Well, today on this fabulous Monday, I’m here to share with you Read more…

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Three ways to improve your mood

It’s summer time! Time to slow down, take a vacation, enjoy the sun, go to brunches on rooftops (that’s me at least!). Although the weather is warm and we have may more down time, that doesn’t necessarily correlate with an improved mood of overall happiness. If we rely solely on Read more…

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Five Steps to Organize Your Day

Stress! Work-life balance is increasingly non-existent as in today’s world we are an “always on” work culture. The physical ramifications of this imbalance may cause changes in: Physical comfort (fatigue, compromised health) Mental signs (forgetfulness, loss of focus) Emotions (irritability, lack of confidence, apathy) Behaviors (restlessness, increased alcohol consumption, insomnia) Read more…